20 December, 2010

Signing off for Christmas...

Hello my lovelies. Unfortunately this will be my last post before Christmas. I'm travelling all over the country this week and will be unable to get online really. I'll still be doing the challenge and will give you a bit of a photo diary (pretty much just Christmas cardigans and jumpers if I'm honest) after all the festivities are over.

So I leave you with one bit of advice. Ladies, utilise your little black dress. You all have one. You know it looks good on you. So make sure you wear it to its full potential over the next couple of weeks. The amazing thing about a little black dress is that it is so so versatile. You have the option to dress it up and dress it down and you know it'll still look fab. My favourite LBD is a vintage shift dress and its always my fail safe party frock if I ever have an outfit meltdown. Today I've really dressed it down with opaque tights, brown pumps and a boyfriend cardi. I'm also going to pretend that the creases are part of my 'dressed down' look. Ahem.

So there we have it. Happy Christmas my lovelies. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas full of love and joy (and a copious amount of alcohol and Christmas pud blatantly). And to play us all out I bring you the one AND the only. WIZZARD.....


19 December, 2010

Gaga ooh la la.

Well I have to be honest I don't really have much to say today. I pretty much went out in my pants last night so understandably A LOT of drinking had to occur in order for me to have the balls to do it and as such I am struggling today. After trying on outfit after outfit, my ideas were just not working and I just didn't look Gaga enough. So after a lot of persuasion from my friends and a hell of a lot of dutch courage I braved the cold and went out in some high waisted pants. With about a million pairs of clear tights on though I might add. I'm not THAT silly. Anyway this was the result...

Thanks Greg for the photo!!
So today my outfit is much the same as yesterday. A bit of a throw anything on and hope it works jobby. I've gone for the oh so forgiving smock, perfect for hiding bellys full of alcohol and the roast I had earlier. Mmmm. My Dads old jumper and still channeling a bit of Gaga with an awesome 80s leather jacket my friend bought from Snoopers Paradise in Brighton.


18 December, 2010

Plain Jane.

Do you ever have one of those days where you really don't see the sense in dolling yourself up? Well today was one of those days. I'm going out tonight for a friends birthday - its the Gaga fancy dress night so as I write this I already have the coke cans wedged into my hair - and as I will shortly be putting on a hell of a lot of slap I really didn't see the point in putting any on earlier and making myself look all nice and fancy just to go to work. So as you can see from the photo, I blatantly didn't. I haven't brushed my hair and I'm wearing a dress that resembles a tent. Oh but it sure is comfy! Now most people would hide themselves away when they look (for want of a better word) a bit rough, but oh no, not me, I decide to take a blooming photo of myself and post it on the Internet. Oh god, will I ever learn?!

But anyway, this is my outfit for today. The dress was my Nannas and actually looks really nice with some nautical accessories. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to transform myself into the lady that is Gaga. Wish me luck!


17 December, 2010

Tis the season to...

..wear woolly jumpers, eat mince pies until you can't physically eat any more and count mulled wine as one of your five a day. So today that's exactly what I'm doing. We're having a bit of a studio party with mulled wine and mince pies and I'm wearing a jumper that's so bad its actually quite good? Well that's what I'm hoping for!

I plan on wearing a lot of festive jumpers over Christmas but I've started out pretty tame today with one of my Nannas jumpers. When my boyfriend first saw my outfit today he said I looked like I should be on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. There is something to be said for a bad 90s jumper and the Fresh Prince was brimming with them! Second to the fashion, Carlton's dancing has to be my next favourite thing about the whole show.

See that stupidly happy face? That's because I've just had the urge to watch this...

Watch it. Learn it. Do it. Haha!


16 December, 2010

Schools Out.

I am unintentionally dressed like a bit of a school girl today. It was one of those mornings where you grab the nearest thing you can find and as such I have ended up looking like I should be a prefect or possibly an art teacher. My jumper even has a little emblem on it! My vintage piece today is the scarf. Yet another vintage fair find. It turns out that my slightly preppy outfit actually turned out to be perfect timing really as the kids break up from School tomorrow and then the full-on Christmas festivities can begin. As such I'm very much treating today as my end of term as from now on it'll be pretty much non stop partying until I collapse through exhaustion on Boxing day. Expect to see lots of tweets about my poor liver over the next week or so if you follow me on Twitter! End of term days were always the most exciting. You hardly did any work, you got to have a little mini makeshift party in your class room, you'd wait in hope to receive a Christmas card from the boy you fancied (or just get acknowledged in my case. The phrase Ugly Ducking seems very appropriate here!) and you'd also excitedly give all your friends their pressies. Normally bought from Superdrug and Woolies or if you were really pushing the boat out then Claire's Accessories. I also have that excited feeling in my belly that you used to get on the last day of school. The feeling that Christmas is well and truly coming. I was THE most unbelievable scrooge last year so I'm totally spreading the Christmas joy this year to make up for it. I'm not going to lie I have just had Mariah and the Pogues on repeat constantly today. So much so that I now reckon I could give 'All I want for Christmas' a pretty good go at karaoke. Oh god. Note to self - stay away from any kind of microphone over the next few weeks.


15 December, 2010

Ain't nothing but a houndstooth.

Houndstooth, in my opinion, is a necessity for any ladies wardrobe. A dress, a skirt, a jacket, even just a scarf. It doesn't matter, you just need it. It's totally timeless and will jazz up any outfit. Especially at this time of year when Christmas party season is upon us. I'm wearing it today with a little vintage velvet dress. This cape was my Christmas present last year from my Ma and is John Rocha from Debenhams.

If you are opting for houndstooth this festive season I would recommend wearing it without any other prints and just having it is focal point of your outfit.Or if you have £644(!) to spare then snap up this dress for sure. Its absolutely fabulous. Gorgeous shape and you'd be sure to look like a right Christmas cracker in this no matter what your size. It is on sale too....



14 December, 2010

Lady Crushes.

As well as the man crushes that I go on about ALL the time. (Sorry about that). I actually have a lot of lady crushes. Ladies that I think are amazing and beautiful and totally awe inspiring. Firstly Gaga - that goes without saying obviously. Next up the Queen B that is Beyonce. For two reasons. The voice and that ass. Then a recent addition, Rhianna. It was the Rude boy video that sold it for me. Any woman who can make grinding a zebra look good is down with me. I also love the way that she is just pure filth and uber confident. Of course there is the more fashion related ones - SJP and Alexa blatantly. If I could have an inch of their style I'd be one very happy lady. And then we have the classics, Audrey and Marilyn of course. But one particular lady I have also loved for years, pretty much ever since I saw her first Vogue cover. Her androgynous looks, pixie hair cut and huge eyes were what made her famous and whats better is now I get to watch her every day on the M&S adverts. That's right, you guessed it. It's Twiggy!! (Granted a much older Twiggy but for a mature lady she's still got it). I love the M&S adverts anyway. I would give anything to live in an M&S advert. But now Twiggys on them it's just the icing on the mouthwatering cakes they MAKE me buy AND eat through their ridiculously good advertising. After sharing the Twiggy love with you today I felt the need to go mini and go stripes in this little 60s ensemble. This dress is actually woolen so its perfect for Winter. I bought it from a vintage fair while I was at Uni a few years back. It kept me nice and warm while we lived with no heating and solely on pasta. Ohh the memories... It is crazy short mind, I think even the Queen of mini's Mary Quant herself would agree so I've had to wear another dress under it. Lets face it, my bum isn't quite as good as Honey B's or RiRi's just yet.

So come on ladies and gents, tell me, who are your lady crushes?


13 December, 2010

The Swayze.

I know EVERYONE is talking about the X Factor result, and I certainly would have been if Rebecca had won. But I thought this years final was pretty weak in comparison to the previous years. I left a nice warm pub AT HAPPY HOUR to come home especially to watch it. And what happened? Blooming Matt Cardle won. Technically I should like him as hes from my neck of the woods (ish) but not even a Biffy cover could sway me and I'm sorry but no mans voice should go that high. It's just unnatural. In fact, the highlight of my night was what followed after. Channel 5 came up with the goods and brought me the one and only Swayze. One of my ultimate dreamboats and possibly one of my first ever crushes. The man me and my older sister bonded over as we danced out the dance routines and paraded up and down the stairs like we were 'Baby.' Oh how I miss him and his thick golden locks. There is something to be said for a man who can dance that's for sure, and lets just say he could put me in a corner any day. Oh god, that sounds like pure filth. Technically I should apologise for being so crude, but I won't. I love him that much. So in homage to Baby I'm wearing a cute little babydoll dress from O&O vintage.


12 December, 2010

Paisley prints.

This dress is quite possibly a new favourite. Perfect for a Sunday and even more perfect as it only cost me one pound. That's right, only one whole English pound. I bought it recently from an amazing little vintage shop in Southampton. The woman that owned the shop was one of those brilliant eclectic ladies that you want to be like when you grow up. (I'm 25 now but really don't think of myself as grown up just yet.) She knew the background of every piece in the shop and even though I wasn't totally sure of the print initially I went with it as it was such a bargain. I'm really glad I did. I've always been a bit wary of paisley. You need it to be just right to avoid looking like a seventies reject but I think this is just the ticket. It's certainly brightened up my boring Sunday at work.

Oh and as I grabbed this number out of the bargain bin I was kindly informed that the lady who owned this dress was wearing it when she first met her husband. I'm not gonna lie this did cement my purchase even more. I'm a sucker for a love story. She even had the dress that she wore when he proposed but I thought that would be taking it a bit too far even for me. That would have almost seemed a bit stalkerish if you know that I mean! But this is what I love about buying vintage from such a well loved and treasured shop, you really get the history behind each frock and it makes the buying experience that much more wonderful.


11 December, 2010

Peggy Sue.

A bit of a dull day for me today I'm afraid. I am hungover at work with nothing but tea and a big box of roses to keep me company. I know, it could be worse. Leaving me with a full box is somewhat dangerous though. I may need a chocolate intervention later. Today's look is rather casual. The shirt was bought from a vintage fair and is a lovely little floral number with lace detailing. Super cute and a little bit folky. Just how I like it. I'm also wearing it with a peg necklace made by the rather smashing Miss Amy Phipps.


10 December, 2010

I would go out tonight....

..but I haven't got a stitch to wear. Literally. I am having one of those annoying days where I know I need to go out straight after work but I can't find anything that I want to wear. I went home on my lunch break to try and attempt to find an outfit after this mornings failed attempts and lets just say my bedroom now looks like a thrift store has exploded all over it. So in a fit of rage (I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't pretty) I decided, screw it. It's a night out on the town. I'm gonna go bright and I'm gonna go Eighties. And whats more 80's than this frock hey? Bought from a eBay a couple of years ago, expect to see it busting some (bad) shapes in a club near you shortly. I might even back comb my hair...

And yes that is a cup of wine. I'm a classy lady.


09 December, 2010

Dress down Thursday.

Some days you just need a dress down day. A day where you don't care what you look like and comfort definitely rules over style. Today I'm wearing my oldest pair of skinny jeans that have a rather revealing rip in the crotch area but I can't bare to throw out and a navy v-neck jumper I stole from my Dad a few years back that he's had since the 80s - Unsurprisingly he took great delight in telling me that it is as old as I am.
Sometimes I find that dressing down can actually make you seem cooler than if you have made an effort. That whole nonchalant look can speak volumes. I envy girls that look effortlessly chic without even trying. That said, anyone looking at this photo could think that I'm some gal who walks round town with her headphones on listening to some upcoming band with my rayban's on, in a baggy mans jumper looking all cool and like I don't give a damn. When in fact I'm only really wearing this today because I desperately need to do a clothes wash and I couldn't be bothered to find anything else. And if anything I'm probably walking round listening to Tom Jones. Rock 'n' Roll I know.


08 December, 2010

Polka face.

It's the last day of my mini break today and due to the cold weather and lack of funds we have decided to haul up inside all day baking cakes, dreaming about last nights gig (more about that later) and dancing around the kitchen. I know I bang on about this all the time but seriously dancing to Gaga whilst baking a Victoria sponge is really just the best medicine. It puts you in a cracking mood. Speaking of Gaga we've also spent a large portion of today drinking tea whilst googling Gaga. We may have also learned a few Gaga dance move tutorials on YouTube too. (Ahem. I'm not even ashamed).  The reason for all the Gaga being that I'm dressing up as her for a fancy dress party in a couple of weeks so many outfit ideas needed to be sourced. I think I might have decided on one but you'll have to wait and see the outcome..! I will tell you now though that it is definitely not the meat dress. I like my steak on my plate thank you very much.

True to form I'm also wearing a frock today. This dress is so cute. Its vintage M&S and actually belongs to my friends Ma. It also has just the right amount of swish.

Now back to last nights gig. I went to see the wonder that is Frank Turner. Last time I saw him I was drunk in a field in the middle of the day and with rumours of him being poorly I wasn't sure if it would top the last time. But my gosh, it was even better. The atmosphere was amazing, he was amazing, the crowd was amazing..are you spotting a theme here?! Even poorly he still put on a corker of a show and boy did we swoon. He's got a new EP out at the moment and it is being played on't radio a lot so keep an ear out for his husk of a voice. Yum.

I wonder what our babies would look like...


07 December, 2010

It's in the bag.

For once I am actually going to shut my trap and just let my vintage piece of the day do the talking. How AMAZING is this bag?!!! I found it in Beyond Retro a few days ago and as soon as I saw it I was in love. A vintage mock croc bag with gold swan detailing? It was like I'd died and gone to kitsch heaven.


06 December, 2010

My little pony.

Today mostly revolved around ponies and tea. Yep, actual ponies. I have left bustling Brighton behind and have headed off on a mini break with one of my favourite ladies. I would love to say that we have booked into a swanky country hotel but in fact we are merely house sitting while my friends rents are away. That said, their house is so so lovely that it does actually feel like we're at a hotel anyway. I had the best nights sleep I have had in so so long. It's amazing what the country air can do to a girl! So, fresh faced and with a belly full of bacon we set off to the New Forest with the soul intention of playing with ponies. I would like to say that the ponies we met were friendly but sadly they were not. Shortly after the photo of me was taken that particular horse decided to come for me resulting in a lot of slipping on the icy grass as I tried to frantically get away. Thankfully that moment wasn't caught on camera. Slightly traumatised we headed for warmth which we found in an awesome antique centre. Followed by tea and scones (obviously) we left there very happy ladies.

Today's vintage piece is an awesome faux fur leopard print hat from Beyond Retro. Perfect for a chilly day like today. Now we're off to cook a fancy dinner and drown ourselves in cocktails. We are on holiday after all....


05 December, 2010

Fancy a mooch?

Mooching is a pretty damn good way to spend a Sunday. If you wake up slightly hungover (obviously) with no plans that extend further than the bacon sandwich you plan on making its always nice to receive a text from a friend saying 'mooch?' Now you have to be careful with said mooching. You can't plan a mooch. It has to be a spontaneous act where you throw on some clothes and wander into town to meet your friends who have all done the same thing. You don't have any plans on what shops you want to go in, what you want to buy or even which of your friends will show up. You just go with the flow and see where the day takes you.

We found ourselves spending a ridiculous amount of time in Beyond Retro browsing jumpsuits, furs and Christmas jumpers. My vintage piece today is the necklace. Bought from Tramp in Brighton it almost has a seventies vibe so I teamed it with a mustard silk top and a nice swing coat with leopard print collar. You'll also notice the sunglasses and huge eye bags. Bleugh sorry about that. I really should have wore the glasses in the photo to save you all from looking at the effects of dancing all night and copious amounts of rum have had on my face.


04 December, 2010

Are you faux real?

Baltic temperatures today so I've digged out this beauty from the back of my wardrobe. Fur coats are everywhere right now. They are listed on pretty much every must have style article. Celebs are wearing them. Grannies are wearing them. Fashionistas are wearing them and I LOVE IT. One - you are totally toasty warm, two - your bang on trend and three they liven up literally any outfit. You can go bohemian with them. You can go glamourous with them. You could wear them over your pj's with some heels and still look fabulous (aka SJP in Sex and the City movie). The possibilities are endless. Plus there's something about wearing a fur (faux always) that instantly makes you feel rather fabulous and little bit like your a Hollywood screen starlet. If wearing a full on fur is a bit too much for you there is some lovely coats with fur collars on out there in the high street and vintage stores that look just as stylish.

This particular fur is vintage and was bought from the Oxfam tent at Reading festival a few years back. The pink lining matches my frock perfectly too. Who said snow couldn't be fashionable eh? And thats even with my still wearing the wellies!

03 December, 2010

Frock this.

Well it's still snowing, it's still cold and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is fed up of wearing my jeans and wellies so today I protest. It's Friday, I have the weekend off work for a change so dammit I will celebrate with a frock. This frock is vintage and was my Nannas and is perfect for winter anyway. It's a nice thick cotton, it's the perfect length to keep you warm plus it has long arms. Well, long ish arms. On any ordinary person this dress would have long sleeves but on me its more like 3/4 length sleeves. The print is a little bit 'little house on the prairy' and I'm not entirely sure the wellies help with that look. But hey, its slippy out there and I wasn't going to walk risking to my studio in flats, let alone heels. How these ladies are tottering along in heels still is mindboggling. They must have the balance of a small Russian gymnast!

So as I am rocking a somewhat 'country' look today its feels only right that I go haul up in a country pub for the night, try and find a rich (hot) farmer to marry, brush up my old Suffolk accent and just embrace my country roots. Hmm it's a shame there aren't any hoedowns in Brighton... I'll just have to listen to this song over and over again whilst clapping my hands and stopping my feet instead (this song just needs a bit of stompage - listen to it, you'll see what I mean).


02 December, 2010

A lorra lorra Laura Laura.

I know I was banging on yesterday about wearing yet another cardi but I just had to show this one to you today. (So much so I went outside in the cold with no coat on just so I could). It's a vintage cardi with the most wonderful embroidery stitched onto it. This cardi is made by the rather marvellous Laura Laura. A knitwear label who make darling cardigans just like this one. Being a writer an all I opted for the alphabet one but I am suitably in love with all the French phrases ones too. You can read my full feature on Laura Laura on the Brighton Fashion week website or by clicking this link. http://www.brightonfashionweek.co.uk/2010-12-01-a-lorra-lorra-laura-laura. Check out some more designs below too... Aren't they amazing?

Photography by www.bethdavisonline.co.uk

Photography by www.bethdavisonline.co.uk
You too can purchase one of these beauties from the Laura Laura website - http://www.lauralaura.net/

Please excuse the wellies today too. I know I said I'd be more stylish this week but I'm pretty sure I would have broken an ankle if I'd tried to wear anything else. Safety first after all!


01 December, 2010

Let it snow. Let it snow.

Yep, you guessed it. I'm talking about the snow. Predictable yes, but seeing as everyone else is talking about it I figured I should too. I'm not going to moan about it too much though. No way. I love the snow. I do have one bit of beef with the snow though and its that with my lack of balance I do have a tendency to fall over quite easily and snow/sludge/ice makes it pretty inevitable that at some point I will stack it and have that awful moment where you don't know whether to laugh or cry or attempt to do a bit of both and then end up looking like you are a little bit mental. But that's it, that's my only jibe. Other than that I find the snow really rather beautiful.

And as for all you people moaning about not getting into work. Errr... Hello? You get the day off work..!! Who cares if you can't drive the car or walk down the street. A snow day means you get to run around like a kid in more layers than should be physically possible plus you then have the excuse to stay inside ALL DAY wrapped up in blankets with cups of tea and soup and watch terrible daytime TV that we all secretly love. Do we not all strive to do this every so often? I'm pretty sure that's why people pull sickies isn't it? That said, I don't get a snow day today. I work from home or from a studio just round the corner from my gaff so I have no excuse not to go get my work on. I must say though that this freezing weather is having a bit of a adverse effect on my vintage challenge. You might think you are getting the better of me Mr Weatherman but I assure you you are not. I have plenty more vintage cardi's to dig out (today's is a stunner), so hit me with your best elements! I do feel sorry for you poor readers though. You are coming onto the site each day to be met with yet another cardi staring back at you. I apologise. I swear I will mix it up over the next week. I do have jumpers AND scarfs too. Sexy.


30 November, 2010

Thats my kind of market.

Normally most markets consist of more fruit and veg that you can shake a stick at, some dodgy replica handbags, a random electrical appliance stall and a token pet shop, Spitalfields, Portabello and Camden aside of course. BUT imagine if you had the style of Spitalfields right here on your very computer. Well I have good news for you all. Now you do. ASOS have launched ASOS marketplace. Similar to eBay, members can upload their wears and sell them to you. Some are one off vintage pieces and some are brand spanking new designers using ASOS marketplace as a platform to get their designs out there. The nice thing about the marketplace though is there is no actually haggling or outbidding like you'd find on eBay. If you see something you like you just snap it up straight away. No waiting around and once you find what your looking for you can instantly buy it and it'll be shipped to you within days. What a cracking idea hey? Fashion lovers can share their style, vintage fiends can snap up unique pieces and designer divas can embrace new designers. I for one, am totally on the ASOS marketplace bandwagon. I've already made a purchase and I'm wearing it today and in fact I'm more than tempted to sell a few of my threads on there to raise some cash to buy some more. Winner!

Blouse - ASOS Marketplace
Necklace - Vintage
Tights - Primark
Boots - ASOS
Belt - River Island


29 November, 2010

Welcome to the gun show.

Today will mostly consist of helping my pal move house. Ordinarily when you think of moving house you think of removal vans and a couple of burly men lifting heavy boxes with ease but as you've probably guessed by now..I don't tend to do things in an ordinary way. So instead, we have my car (that's it), a few ladies, cheesey tunage and a lot of alcohol. (Not whilst driving though kids. Keep it safe). Unfortunately I am not exactly the strongest lady in the world either. These arms of mine are weaker than a small child's and the fact that I've also got a cold too isn't going to help. So in an attempt to 'butch' up a bit I am dressing like a man. I figure if I can channel my inner male then lifting furniture will be a breeze. So incidentally my vintage piece of the day is my boyfriends cardi that he got from a second hand stall at a festival a few years back. I don't know about you ladies but I do love a man in a nice patterned cardi. I'm a sucker for them really and this one is a bit of a corker. I'm wearing it with skinny jeans, my old converse and a t-shirt that the boy got last night from the Matt Berry gig we went to. It also has to be said that I am also a sucker for 'people you probably shouldn't fancy but do'. Philip Schofield, Simon Cowell, Bill Nighy to name a few and now, Matt Berry. I blame the husky voice. So to show my new found and slightly concerning appreciation I shall we wearing a t-shirt sporting his face all day. Seriously though if he's gigging near you definitely go check it out, so good and so funny.

I've also thrown on a headscarf for good measure. I don't actually want people to think I'm a man. Due to my height this has been known to happen in the past (MORTIFIED) so I'm not taking any chances today. Oh no no no.


28 November, 2010

Life changing cake.

You guessed it, once again I am hungover but today instead of wallowing around I decided to get myself out into the fresh air and have myself some life changing cake. Life changing cake in the form of a chocolate brownie that is. The little cafe that housed this cake is also pretty much the perfect place to go when your hungover because it's literally like being at home with stuff hanging everywhere downstairs and upstairs resembling a teenagers bedroom, except there is someone there to ply you with tea and cakes. Perfect for when all you really want to do is be at home but you dragged yourself out because it felt like the 'right' thing to do. I did wear a frock today, I mean come on, it is Sunday. And the vintage piece was a nice amber brooch pinned to my coat, unfortunately you can't see it too well in the photo. Sorry about that. I was far too interested in the life changing cake I was about to eat than posing for a good photo!


This little cafe is called Marwood and can be found on Ship Street in Brighton and I urge you to take visit. Particularly because they follow one of my main mantras...Decaf is not cool kids!

Oh and was the cake life changing? I guess we'll have to watch this space..!

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