27 September, 2010

She's a lady. Woah woah woah.

Now the 27th of September may feel just like any old day to you, but it, infact, is not. This is the day that will forever be known as the day I started this brand spanking new blog and set myself the mammoth task of wearing something vintage everyday for a year. Whether it be a fancy frock, a vintage scarf or a retro bag, at least one piece of my outfit will be vintage and I shall be showing/telling all you fine folk about it. I shall also be rambling about new designers, local events, fashion trends and telling you about my many adventures.

In short, I'm called Claire and there are a few things you should probably know about me (If you don't know them already of course..)
1. I have an unhealthy addiction to tea. 
2. I eat a lot of cake and cheese.
3. I am rediculously tall (unfortunately not in the graceful supermodel type way - but in more of a slightly uncomfortable awkward way).
4. I have a love/hate relationship with pigeons.
5. I hardly ever wash my hair.
6. I like to sing to journey songs and power stance at the same time.

That said, it shouldn't surprise you that I spent the day making cakes to celebrate this momentous occasion. With a recipe from the delightful Hummingbird Bakery, me and my friend Charlotte donned our aprons and set to work creating some amazing Red Velvet Cupcakes whilst drinking copious amounts of tea.

And yes, they were as good as they look. In fact, it's taking all my strength not to go to the cupboard and sneak one more (or three.)
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