08 October, 2010

Jive Talkin'

It's Friday morning. I'm in the office on my own. And wait for it...I'm listening to the Bee gees. Now judge me all you like but I simply don't care. I defy anyone not to put on Staying Alive and not find themselves shimmying their shoulders in time to their ridiculously high (and somewhat concerning) voices. So in homage to these tight trouser wearing men with their beautifully quaffed & conditioned locks I've opted for a seventies vibe today with a pussy bow blouse, a seventies vintage satchel and leopard print pumps. The seventies trend is one that crops up in our shops year after year and to be honest I'm quite pleased about that. Blouses like this one are so flattering and it also means that you can swoosh around as you dance, and you can't deny it, we all like to swoosh now and then.

Blouse - Topshop
Jeans - Gap
Bag - Charity Shop
Pumps - Primark

(Nb. Please excuse my feet in the photo of the pumps, unfortunately I suffer from a terrible condition that is known as 'dinosaur feet'. Oh what I would give to have nice feet that don't look prehistoric. Ha!)

Now the Bee gees are no Tom Jones it has to be said..but just feast your eyes on this. It really is quite brilliant, if only for the outfits. I particularly like their thoughtful gazes out to nothing..ahh those Bee gee boys and their feelings..they are so damn sensitive.

Happy Friday my darlings! x
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