04 October, 2010

Parisian Skies.

Every so often I find myself dreaming of Paris. I absolutely love it there. I have a photo of the Eiffel tower on my desk at work and on partcularly tough days I often find myself day dreaming about my next trip out there. I imagine riding round this magical city on a velib, sitting outside quaint little cafes with a cafe au lait watching the world go by and taking in the beautiful surroundings. Oh, and if you have yet to try a velib I would recommend it, it's the best way of getting round Paris and you discover bits of the city you never knew existed. Plus you get to ride round on a bike in a very Parisian outfit and pretending you are in an amazing black and white film. (Well I did anyway). On my last visit I stayed in a hotel called Mamashelter which was very chic and stylish, I had a ride on a motorbike through the Paris streets at night and turned onto the Pont d'IĆ©na (which is the bridge directly opposite the Eiffel Tower) JUST as it turned midnight and the twinkly lights came on, spent hours and hours rummaging through flea markets, lost myself in stunning galleries, went round and round on merry-go-rounds, drank copious amounts of red wine and ate lots and lots of moule frites.

 Now if my next visit even comes close to that I'll be one very happy lady. As such, I'm wearing a Breton stripe top today topped off with a lovely vintage neckscarf - a necessity for any Parisian themed outfit I'm sure you'll agree.

Scarf - Beyond Retro
Top - Primark
Cardigan - Topshop
Jeans - Gap
Brogues - Topshop

Oh and also..if you are wondering why I have a bandaged up foot, I ran 10K for cancer research at the weekend. It was the furthest I have ever ran in my life and I managed to do it in 1 hour 12 mins. It was a really lovely day and the atmosphere was great but unfortunately I now have a damaged foot/ankle and have to wear this rather fetching support bandage. Its ok though, I have rolled my jeans up and I'm wearing this baby with pride. I ran 10K for goodness sake, I'm showing this injury off to its full potential! If you still want to sponsor me you can do so by clicking this link: http://www.run10ksponsorme.org/claireculley

Also..if you are having a having a particularly rubbish Monday and you too are dreaming of gay paree feast your ears on this..Lovely. Just lovely.

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