27 October, 2010

A day for chunky knits.

Well today certainly feels like Winter has arrived. It's rainy, chilly and I have the beginnings of a cold. I've tried going outside and even thought that a little walk with my friends pup round the local park would perk me up. But no such luck. I'm giving in to today and have decided to spend the rest of the day working from my sofa with some miracle cures for the winter blues. What are these cures I hear you ask? Well for me, you can't go wrong with a chunky knit, a romcom and hot squash. Top tip - If you ever have a cold then you HAVE to drink hot squash. I swear by it! Ribena's generally the best way to go but any old squash will do the trick too.

I found today's rather lovely aran cardi in a little thrift sale in a Suffolk town called Southwold yesterday. I came across it purely by mistake as I was looking for something else and saw a little sign saying 'Market' outside what looked like a community centre. Curiously I popped my head in the door and my eyes were met with teapots, fur coats and random fifties paraphernalia. Pretty much a room full of my favourite things really. So obviously I took some snaps to share with you all...

Now if you'll excuse me I have a date with Colin Firth AND Hugh Grant. What a way to spend an afternoon.
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