31 October, 2010

Lazy Sundays.

It has to be said that after last nights Halloween festivities I am feeling somewhat rather fragile today. Note to self - Vodka and Cider really isn't a very good mix. Neither is wearing heels when you already have a rather sizeable blister on the back of your foot. Therefore I have decided to treat myself to one of my favourite past times. A nice lazy Sunday. Oh you really can't beat them. I'm not going to do any work, I might not even go outside (it's pretty gloomy here in Brighton). I will definitely eat a huge roast and I absolutely will lay around on the sofa whilst drinking cup after cup of tea. And the outfit I've chosen to do this in? A good old patterned cardi. Yep, the kind that used to get you strange looks in the street but is now likely to give you instant street cred.

My cardi is from a vintage fair and I love the Nordic print. There are so many of these cardis around at the moment that I would really recommend getting yours from a vintage store - least you know that it's one of a kind that way. There's thousands and thousands on eBay too so get browsing. Oh and apologies for the antisocial photo but these eye bags are enough to give anyone a fright! Regardless of it being Halloween!
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