28 October, 2010

All day and all of the night.

I would like to say that generally I can style myself to look half decent nine out of ten times (I hope!) but I, like many other women I'm sure, struggle with certain outfit scenarios. One being - that horrible transfer between day and night. I just can't do it. If I'm going out straight from work I either look rediculously dressed up for the whole day and then feel a bit like a dirty stop-out or I end up showing up for my evening plans looking like I've just rolled out of bed and everyone else is rediculously glamourous. Take tonight for example, I'm going to a gig after work so this morning I had the horrible dilemma of working out what to wear for both work and this gig. It's pretty cold outside today too (don't let the sunshine decieve you) so I also had to factor in that I would probably be cold walking to and from said gig but also taking into account the fact that the venue I'm going to might as well be a sauna for the amount of sweating that goes on inside that joint. It's just too much for one girl to think about! Oh how I yearn to be one of those girls that can just throw on something on the morning and it'll see her through the day.

So as I was just about ready to throw my morning cuppa across my bedroom it suddenly came to me what I could do to jazz up my outfit so it would be fit for both...TIGHTS! I don't know how I didn't think of it before. I have so many pairs of patterned tights and I have not untilised them! So today I've whacked on some spotty tights and voila, I do believe my outfit is suitable enough for work and play.

Shift Dress - American Apparel
Monochrome Cardi - F&F
Pumps - River Island
Brooch - Vintage
Tights - Urban Outfitters

What do you think? I think it's a pretty good effort considering my normal disasters. I'm also sporting a lovely little vintage horseshoe brooch given to me by my Nanna. Hopefully that will bring me some good luck with the outfit choice at least! Now I just need to get these House of Holland tights in my life and there will be no stopping me...

Oh and if you too fancy an awesome gig tonight head to the Prince Albert in Brighton to check out a totally rad band called Doctor Pop. Feast your ears round this..

Man, I want Your Girlfriend, Man by Doctor Pop
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