30 October, 2010

Spooktacular Style.

It's that time of year again. The time where we all dress up like ghosts and ghouls and roam round the streets screaming 'Trick or treat'. Thats right, IT'S HALLOWEEN!! Well technically its not until tomorrow but lets face it most people are celebrating tonight so we don't have to spend Monday morning with a beast of a hangover. And true to form I have been rediculously unorganised again this year so was left at the last minute trying to scramble together an outfit that remained suitably stylish and of course still wearing something vintage.

This frock is beyond lovely. It's got a super cute peter pan collar and is made by One and Only Vintage who create one-off bespoke pieces out of cuts of stunning vintage fabrics. Definitely check out their website if your after an original frock.

Now if I had have been organised I would have definitely got involved with the Brighton zombie walk that kicked off at 3pm this afternoon. Around 2000 zombies roamed round Brighton's streets scaring innocent bystanders as they set off on a trek through the town. It was so much fun to watch and the amount of effort that everyone had gone to was amazing. Definitely one to join in with next year. Hmm I wonder if I could be a zombie pin up girl? Oh and if you don't like blood and guts its best not to look at the images below...

Now lets just hope we have a purrrfect night. Oh god, I'm sorry. That joke made even me feel queasy.

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