09 October, 2010

Crop a load of this.

What with summer coming to an end and this feeling like it really is the last weekend of sunshine, I have faced my fears and have got my pins out for the world to see. And what better to showcase my pasty legs, then some Tara Starlet shorts. BUT I didn't stop there. Oh no. I have even dared to get my midriff out. Shocking I know. With crop t-shirts being all the rage over the summer months I feel like the time has come to say goodbye. So I'm taking today to say farewell my cropped little number, you have served me well over the festival season this year and no doubt I will see you again soon.

Now back to Tara Starlet. I already have a couple of Tara Starlet pieces and I totally love them. Their forties and fifties inspired designs are really quite something and these particular shorts I've had for a couple of years so they are no longer available on their website but they do have some very similar styles available at the moment. Also - make sure you check out their dress range. Whether it's a party frock or a pretty tea dress, just wearing one of these will instantly make you feel like your the next screen siren. Marilyn eat your heart out. And Audrey? Well Audrey can also take a backseat on this one. There's a new pin up in town.

You can see more about Tara Starlet on their website. Or alternatively take a trip to Topshop on Oxford Street - they also carry some designs too. http://www.tarastarlet.com/

Also, today's vintage piece is my brooch. With a knotted rope design I felt it carried on the nautical theme quite nicely! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to put some tights on. I think going sans tights in October just because the sun was out was a bit of a rooky mistake. My poor legs are starting to look like corn beef. Not such a hot look really.

Top - Topshop
Shorts - Tara Starlet
Brooch - Charity Shop
Boots - ASOS
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