17 October, 2010

Back to the future.

Ordinarily a Sunday morning for me consists of some kind of fry up and a good dose of Something for the Weekend. However we decided to push the boat out this morning and go to a showing of Back to the Future (YES!) at our local cinema, the Duke of York's, not after consuming sausage sandwiches of course!

I loved this film as a kid and seeing it at the cinema was blooming brilliant. Especially because the Duke of York's is a rather lovely cinema anyway. Its just like the cinemas you used to go to as a kid before Cineworld and Odeon's cropped up all over the place. One thing that sets this cinema apart though is that along with the usual popcorn and sugared goods, you can also buy alcohol. And cake. That's right, if you wanted to you could sit and watch a film with a pint and a bit of cake. THAT is my kind of cinema. Decided to give the pint a miss today though and stick with a coffee. It was 11am on a Sunday after all and that's a tad too early even by my standards.

My outfit today was very much inspired by the film. Set in the 80s and the 50s I opted for a bit of an era combination outfit, highly in part because I couldn't go full on 80s as I don't own a pair of Nike hi-tops which Michael J Fox shamelessly promotes throughout most of the film. So instead I dug out my old converse. And what goes best with converse I hear you ask? Stonewash. Oh yes, stonewash and converse are like a clothing equivalent of bacon and eggs. It just works.

Shirt - Charity Shop
Dress - American Apparel
Scarf - Vintage
Converse - Dollydagger

Now I've been listening to this all afternoon and I suggest you do the same. It's AWESOME.

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