21 October, 2010

Country girl, take my hand.

Call me stupid but I am one of those people that believes in karma and weird cosmic connections. (I'm not about to spurt out a load of spiritual babble I promise!) I have, and always have had, a weird connection with my hometown. I find that whenever I'm planning to go home, random things always crop up on my travels just to remind me that my trip is brewing. I love that this happens. I generally get very excited about the prospect of going home anyway but the fact that these little 'signs' always pop up just fuels my excitement even more. Take for example, on my trip to London the other day. I was in a little shop on Brick Lane browsing their wonderful stationary selection and playing with their cats (Yes, they had about 4 cats just wandering round their shop. Amazing I know!) and I spotted a little collage kit with a train ticket for Ipswich in it. Just seeing the tiny word made me instantly think 'Ahh theres another one..' and a smile grew across my face. Not at the thought of Ipswich, oh God no, I actually don't like Ipswich at all - in fact I'd go close to saying that its one of my least favourite places. But it was the thought that a few miles down the road lay homemade cooking, family hugs and lovely country pubs. Then whilst browsing a charity shop on my break from work yesterday I found a little badge saying 'Bury St Edmund's lover'. I grew up in Bury St Edmund's so this literally was brilliant, the likelihood of finding a badge from Bury in a Brighton charity shop was just unbelievable! So I'm proudly wearing it today on my faux fur leopard print jacket. Teamed with a vintage mock croc waist belt my Nanna gave me a few years back.

And do not fear Suffolk, my rural beauty, I shall soon be back in your lovely arms. Only 4 days to go. I wonder what little sign you'll give me next...

Coat - Topshop
Vest - H&M
Jeans - Topshop
Pumps - Primark
Belt - Vintage courtesy of Nanna Culley.
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