19 October, 2010

London Calling.

Today's post comes straight to you from a train on my way back to Brighton town. (Having said that, I'm writing this in my note pad so you won't actually read it until I get home and type it up but hey, the thought was there). I have had THE most wonderful day in good old Laaaandon with Bette, one of my favourite ladies. What started as a glorious day of sunshine soon turned into a gloomy rainy day and with no brolly and raincoats in sight we didn't let this dampen our spirits as we continued our little jaunt round Brick Lane. Stopping first for the obligatory 'cuppa and catch up' where we caught up on all our latest news and obviously...gossiped about boys. We then had ran in and out of many a vintage shop to hide from the rain before deciding to brave the weather and head to the Geffrye Museum, which if you don't already know is a beautiful leafy house on Kingsland Road in East London which showcases different interiors throughout the ages. We particularly fell in love with the forties and fifties living rooms. Then, whilst perusing some old tea cups (or tea bowls as they were called in 1658) we came across two old ladies who, no word of a lie, WERE us in about 50/60 years time. We tried to loiter around them listening to their lovely ramblings for as long as possible but we started to feel uncomfortable after a while and had to move on. Oh and on the subject of the tea bowls, I learnt today that 'taking tea' was used as a mark of status in the olden days. It was associated with the 'attainment of refinement in manners and conversation'. Obviously this is still very true of today - conversations over a cuppa are the very best kind. Although I'm not so sure that refinement and manners would be present round my gaff when we all meet for a brew. Even when we all dress fancy, you can pretty much guarantee that one of us will say something inappropriate and/or rude.

After the museum we then headed back to Brick Lane stopping on the way to discover possibly the best thing I have seen all week. Blue Crisps. Yep, BLUE CRISPS. I am a massive massive crisp fan so I cannot even begin to describe the excitement this brought me. I can hardly even believe it now and I ate them! With the crisps fuelling our need for proper food even more we decided to give into the weather and we found ourselves a little deli, ordered up some salt beef bagels in tribute to the fact that in about two and a half weeks I'll be in New Yoiiiik and took them next door to have with coffee. If you haven't had salt beef before then you have to try it. It was the first time I'd ever had it today and apparently the look on my face after the first bite was priceless. I'm not kidding it was actually one of the best things I've ever tasted. Now I'd like to say that something majorly exciting happened for the next few hours but in fact we did that thing that only best friends can do and simply whiled away the hours chatting away like little squirrels which in itself is really quite lovely.

So to sum it up, today was mostly spent eating blue crisps, hiding in doorways in the rain, stalking old ladies, buying vintage treasures, lusting after nice interiors and eating a ridiculous amount of beef. Pretty good hey?

And in case you were wondering, todays frock was a beaut of an eBay find. I love the pussybow detailing and the print is really really sweet x x
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