30 November, 2010

Thats my kind of market.

Normally most markets consist of more fruit and veg that you can shake a stick at, some dodgy replica handbags, a random electrical appliance stall and a token pet shop, Spitalfields, Portabello and Camden aside of course. BUT imagine if you had the style of Spitalfields right here on your very computer. Well I have good news for you all. Now you do. ASOS have launched ASOS marketplace. Similar to eBay, members can upload their wears and sell them to you. Some are one off vintage pieces and some are brand spanking new designers using ASOS marketplace as a platform to get their designs out there. The nice thing about the marketplace though is there is no actually haggling or outbidding like you'd find on eBay. If you see something you like you just snap it up straight away. No waiting around and once you find what your looking for you can instantly buy it and it'll be shipped to you within days. What a cracking idea hey? Fashion lovers can share their style, vintage fiends can snap up unique pieces and designer divas can embrace new designers. I for one, am totally on the ASOS marketplace bandwagon. I've already made a purchase and I'm wearing it today and in fact I'm more than tempted to sell a few of my threads on there to raise some cash to buy some more. Winner!

Blouse - ASOS Marketplace
Necklace - Vintage
Tights - Primark
Boots - ASOS
Belt - River Island


29 November, 2010

Welcome to the gun show.

Today will mostly consist of helping my pal move house. Ordinarily when you think of moving house you think of removal vans and a couple of burly men lifting heavy boxes with ease but as you've probably guessed by now..I don't tend to do things in an ordinary way. So instead, we have my car (that's it), a few ladies, cheesey tunage and a lot of alcohol. (Not whilst driving though kids. Keep it safe). Unfortunately I am not exactly the strongest lady in the world either. These arms of mine are weaker than a small child's and the fact that I've also got a cold too isn't going to help. So in an attempt to 'butch' up a bit I am dressing like a man. I figure if I can channel my inner male then lifting furniture will be a breeze. So incidentally my vintage piece of the day is my boyfriends cardi that he got from a second hand stall at a festival a few years back. I don't know about you ladies but I do love a man in a nice patterned cardi. I'm a sucker for them really and this one is a bit of a corker. I'm wearing it with skinny jeans, my old converse and a t-shirt that the boy got last night from the Matt Berry gig we went to. It also has to be said that I am also a sucker for 'people you probably shouldn't fancy but do'. Philip Schofield, Simon Cowell, Bill Nighy to name a few and now, Matt Berry. I blame the husky voice. So to show my new found and slightly concerning appreciation I shall we wearing a t-shirt sporting his face all day. Seriously though if he's gigging near you definitely go check it out, so good and so funny.

I've also thrown on a headscarf for good measure. I don't actually want people to think I'm a man. Due to my height this has been known to happen in the past (MORTIFIED) so I'm not taking any chances today. Oh no no no.


28 November, 2010

Life changing cake.

You guessed it, once again I am hungover but today instead of wallowing around I decided to get myself out into the fresh air and have myself some life changing cake. Life changing cake in the form of a chocolate brownie that is. The little cafe that housed this cake is also pretty much the perfect place to go when your hungover because it's literally like being at home with stuff hanging everywhere downstairs and upstairs resembling a teenagers bedroom, except there is someone there to ply you with tea and cakes. Perfect for when all you really want to do is be at home but you dragged yourself out because it felt like the 'right' thing to do. I did wear a frock today, I mean come on, it is Sunday. And the vintage piece was a nice amber brooch pinned to my coat, unfortunately you can't see it too well in the photo. Sorry about that. I was far too interested in the life changing cake I was about to eat than posing for a good photo!


This little cafe is called Marwood and can be found on Ship Street in Brighton and I urge you to take visit. Particularly because they follow one of my main mantras...Decaf is not cool kids!

Oh and was the cake life changing? I guess we'll have to watch this space..!


27 November, 2010

Dance your socks off.

Mental day today. I've been running all over town like a headless chicken. It's ok though because I was doing it in a fancy frock. Once again I am embracing the peter pan collar trend (I think it's bordering on obsession now) in this little vintage electric blue eighties number found on the US eBay.

I really must dash but I will leave you with this A-MAZING video. I love Tom Jones, I think hes awesome and I'm pretty sure after seeing his moves after about one minute in you'll feel the same. I also hope that you will all be copying said moves this evening when your out on the razz. Although it has to be said that I'm not quite so impressed when he hands his sweaty hanky to a lady in the crowd. That's just bad manners Tom!


26 November, 2010

Casual Friday.

Today I am fully embracing Casual Friday. I don't technically work from a huge office as I just work from my own studio so I am kind of making up a Casual Friday just for me. Which is not too dissimilar to how I made up Cake Friday, Pub Lunch Friday, Frock Friday and Afterwork drinks Friday. Basically I think as it's Friday you can just do whatever you want, add a 'Friday' to the end of it and before you know it you've come up with the best plan you've had all week.

Today's outfit encapsulates two of my favourite things. Anchors and Stripes. Like bacon and eggs, tea and cake and even Posh and Becks they just go together so well. One almost seems wrong without the other. I've also thrown in a mustard scarf for good measure just because it's sooo cold today. I also apologise for my birds nest of a hairdo..but I did say it was Casual Friday...

The brooch is one of my Nanna's and is more than a little bit special. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to eat cake, drink beer and possibly change into a nice frock and have me a huge Friday extravaganza.


25 November, 2010

They tried to make me go to Fred Perry..I said YES YES YES.

Say what you like about Amy Winehouse but I still love her. Yes she's gone off the rails on many an occasion, yes she is foul mouthed and sometimes looks like she needs a good wash and yes she once kept me waiting about 2 hours to come onstage at a gig of hers but it's never made me love her any less. I love her voice, I love her style and lets face it I'm pretty sure we've all had drunken nights where we've fallen about a bit and slurred our words. Granted we weren't on stage to thousands of fans at the time but still...

With Amy's style being in the spotlight pretty much constantly it was only a matter of time before she did a collaboration with a designer. Luckily for us, she chose Fred Perry. A perfect match for her if you ask me. Its a 17 piece collection and is a mixture of fifties inspired high waisted skirts and gingham prints, checkerboard shirts and fifties capri pants. There's also a nice splash of pink - Amy's signature colour really. My favourite piece has to be the bowling shirt. I love the 50s vibe and it looks totally cracking on her and goes perfectly with the tattoos down her arm. To see the full collection click here.




When she hit rock bottom and was in the tabloids everyday due to her drunken antics I always wanted to just give her a big hug, feed her up a bit and force feed her cups of tea and daytime tv but I don't think she would need that anymore. It seems she's totally back on form and even performed on the launch night and was said to be amazing. It's lovely to see her looking so fresh faced and thank god she has finally tamed that beehive! I wanted to wear something gingham today in homage and I know I have a gingham shirt somewhere but I can't bloody find it and I was already late for work at the time so instead I grabbed a little polka dot number and my favourite vintage bag. It's a perfect 'everyday' bag and yes, it is as used as it looks!


24 November, 2010

Lark Rising.

Today I am wearing a lovely cardigan from Lark Rising. A Brighton based company that specialises in beautiful knitwear. To read more about the lovely ladies of Lark Rising you can check out my feature about them on the Brighton Fashion Week website here.

Not wanting to draw any attention away from the stunning detailing of the cardi I have opted for a simple outfit with a classic vintage pearl necklace. This cardigan is absolutely divine and I love everything about it. It's vintage vibe is super and the quirky design is awesome. You too can own one of these delights by clicking here.

When I initially saw the collection my heart warmed to the Autumnal vibe of some of the designs. With deers, flora and fauna it felt right to hop foot it to the woods and take some snaps of this beautiful range. Some of the photos are on the BFW website but you can see the whole shoot below.

To purchase the cardigans you see in these photos and many more besides head over to the Lark Rising online store. Also be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook...

Photography, Hair and Make Up by Ailsa 'Queenie' Morton.

23 November, 2010

Granny Chic.

Lots of people are raving about 'Granny chic' at the moment. With floral dresses still continuing to be as popular as ever, and embroidered bags, knitted cardigans and big brooches pretty much everywear it is inevitable that we will all start to look like our Grans a bit. I, for one, couldn't be happier.
I'm not sure if you have noticed but I do tend to wear a lot of pieces that I got from my Nanna. My Nanna was one of the most wonderful women you would ever have met and not only was she just my Nanna, she was also one of my best friends. She had impeccable style and without fail would always drink her cup of tea with a china cup (no matter where she was) and she never left the house without her lippy on. She was pure class and really was absolutely beautiful. Inside and out. From a young age I remember talking to her about clothes and what she was wearing. Some of the outfits I remember talking to her about I even have hanging in my wardrobe at the moment. Me and my cousins used to dress up in her clothes and she even made us a dressing up box out of all the pieces she didn't wear anymore. I wish I had some photos of us to show you because I can tell you now we did not look stylish. I'm not sure even now you could team a shell suit with pearls and heels and get away with it but we gave it a good go. I used to have a running joke with her where I would always say " That's a nice dress Nanna, is it new?" and she'd always laugh and say "This old thing? I've had it for years!" This is what I loved about her. The frocks that she wore were always so timeless and classic and she had no idea. Whenever I look back at old photos of her I can't help but notice that whatever the weather or wherever she was she was always in a dress. In fact I rarely remember seeing her in trousers. She had the most amazing sense of humour and was the kindest lady you'll ever come across. Unfortunately she passed away a few years ago now but there isn't a day that goes by when I dont think of her and I'm lucky enough to have quite a few of her dresses which are a constant reminder of this lovely lady. I have a photo on my wall of the last photo that was taken of us together and it's one of my favourite photos in the world....

I hope that I have even a smidgen of the style that she had and quite frankly if I can look as nice as she does then I'm totally up for this 'Granny Chic' lark. The one I've worn today is one of hers and is a real Gran number with a nice floral print and a drop waist. I couldn't resist wearing it with a big cardi and cable knit tights. After all if you're gonna do it, you need to do it right. I draw the line at a waterproof headscarf though...


22 November, 2010

Bags of style with Lanvin.

Tomorrow sees the launch of Lanvin for H&M. After seeing all the other H&M collaborations I think this is by far my favourite. Lanvin adds a modern twist to classic designs and I love the whole vibe with the bright bold colours. I've also noticed a lot of one shouldered frocks coming through this season and Lanvin has got the cream of the crop in this collection. One shouldered dresses are sometimes a little bit 80s but I say embrace it. They are fun, flirty and perfect for a night out. So in homage to this and as it's party season coming up I'm showing you my favourite way to accessorize this style. The dress that I've got on today is a nice little leopard print number from Primark. Leopard print is everywhere at the moment and it's bang on trend. Trying to keep the dress the main feature I've gone for all black accessories. Black tights, black shoe boots, a black vintage bag which was kindly lent to me by my friend and a black woven belt make the outfit look glam but don't draw anything away from the dress. Perfect.


Check out my favourites from the catwalk show below and also a top tip..Keep an eye out for bow ties. They are going to be big this season and are the perfect way to accessorize a plain white shirt.

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source
The Lanvin collection will be in the stores first thing tomorrow so I'm giving you plenty of notice to get yourselves down to an H&M store near you. Prepare yourself to get your elbows out and barge through the crowds ladies because it's definitely going to be a busy one! Or if like me you're unable to get to the shops in time, do not fear you can buy online from 7am  - http://www.hm.com/gb/#/Lanvin/ A bit of Lanvin with your brekky? Yes please.

To quote the video..."I want Lanvin not flowers".
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