21 November, 2010

Sunday Papers.

I think it has become apparent by now that each Sunday I will be pretty much be telling you how hungover I am and how I'm going to spend the day doing absolutely nothing. I'm also pretty sure this isn't likely to change in the near future either. Today's hangover is particularly bad and not even a nap and copious amounts of paracetamol can't cure my cosmopolitan fuelled headache. One of the best things about being hungover on a Sunday is the Sunday Times. I can drool over the style mag, feed my mind with culture, decide where to go on my travels and even polish up on my business knowledge should the mood take me (Not likely). But still, the fact you can enrich your mind without even leaving your house (well except when you put your sunnies on and try and get yourself to the corner shop as inconspicuously as possible to avoid anyone you know spotting the fact the you still have your PJ's under your coat - much like I did this morning) is pretty damn wonderful. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy really does it?!

My vintage piece today is what every hungover Sunday needs. A cosy cosy cardigan. This one was my Nanna's and I am in love with the colour. Its a cute coral colour which probably isn't the best colour to wear in Winter but who cares. You gotta mix it up sometimes eh?

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