20 November, 2010

So Loves Vintage.

I must have some weird cosmic karma going on somewhere because only a few days ago I was talking about Audrey Hepburn and her impeccable style and the next thing I know, a dress that Holly Golightly herself would be jealous of arrives at my front door. This dress courtesy of the lovely folk at So Loves Vintage is the ultimate of wiggle dresses and and luckily it fits me like a dream. It is a perfect fifties style, with a wide cinch belt to pull you in at the waist and a fishtail detailing on the back. I know that I spend a lot of time moaning about how I inherited a rather sizeable derriere compared to the rest of my body but it's not until you put on a dress like this one that you start to realise how lucky it is to have curves. I'm not going to go all J-Lo on you now but seriously this women knows what looks good. If, like me, you have junk inside that trunk (oh God I've broken into the Black Eyed Peas now) then you need to invest in a wiggle dress. It is for reasons like this that I wish I had been around in the fifties. This silhouette is so flattering and its a sure fire way to look (and feel) damn hawwwt. I've teamed it with pearls and heels for a night out on the town but it would look just as amazing with brogues and a headscarf for a rocking daytime look.

So Loves Vintage are a cracking website so check it out if you are after some genuine vintage pieces. They're current collection is just lovely. They are handpicked and lovingly looked after so they arrive with you in the best possible condition. Each piece is unique so you'll never have the fear of turning up to a party wearing the same dress as some other broad. Plus all of their range is pretty damn smokin' so I urge you to take a look. If like me you have a penchant for this rockabilly style and you too are a bit smitten with this dress then it could be yours. Click here to buy it! 

Photography, Hair and Make Up by Ailsa 'Queenie' Morton. 
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