17 November, 2010

Onesie Wednesday.

When my friend text me saying that she had found me a vintage Laura Ashley jumpsuit circa 1978 whilst rummaging through her Mums wardrobe I was over the moon. I do love a good jumpsuit. However jumpsuits don't like me quite so much. Being so tall I struggle to find ones that suit me or that don't leave me with the dreaded camel toe. Sorry to be so frank here, but I know that's what you were all thinking. It's what we always think about whenever we are faced with trying one on! I do have a lot of play suits for summertime frolics but longer ones just tend to look a bit weird on me but to my surprise this one actually fitted. Now I'm ignoring that the fact that after I tried it on I was informed that my friends Ma used to use it as a maternity outfit and trying to remind myself that Mama Morton (as she is widely known amongst my friends) is considerably shorter than I am and therefore it would have been much baggier on her. Plus if anything it means I can have quite a large food baby and get away with it..!

With this particular jumpsuit I felt like I needed to 'harden' it up a bit so I didn't end up walking around looking Andy Pandy and I think a leather jacket, shoe boots and a jewel encrusted collar have been just the ticket.

Vintage jumpsuit - Laura Ashley
Leather Jacket - Charity Shop
Necklace - Primark
Boots - F&F
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