16 November, 2010

Ring a ding ding.

When the Winter months draw in and you end up wearing more layers than the Michelin man I find that there are two main ways of showing off your fashion style. Rings and Shoes.
Today I chose rings. If you wear them with fingerless gloves like I have then you can still show them off whilst keeping your hands nice and toasty. I wear a lot of rings generally, mainly to disguise my crazy long fingers and it has got to the point now that I feel a bit naked without them. I'm always on the look out for new jewellery designers and one of my favourites around at the moment are Zoe & Morgan. Launched in 2006 they have become an instant success and their pieces have been featured in Vogue, Elle, Pop and In Style to name a few. They are popular amongst some of our favourite fashionistas including Alexa Chung, Lilly Donaldson, Emma Watson and the legend that is Kate Moss. Hopefully I too will soon be included on that list, well as soon as I actually become famous and own the wondrous ring below.

I love love LOVE this ring. I think it would look rather lovely on my skinny little bones. It's from their 'YES' collection (in case you hadn't guessed!) and is about saying yes to life and bringing forward momentum into your world. I love the idea of this. It's a real statement piece and is a classic mix between playful and grown up. Just like me really...

Today's vintage piece is ring on my middle finger on my right hand. Given to me by a family member its a lovely amber stone centered inbetween white diamonds on a gold band. It's so dainty that I generally like to wear it with chunky rings to create more of a statement. So there you have it ladies, if you're all wrapped up in your winter gear, get some bling on your fingers and dazzle passers by. And finally, to quote Zoe & Morgan themselves, say YES! to love, YES! to freedom and YES! to life – because when all is said and done, your happiness is in your hands.
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