19 November, 2010

A royal wedding.

As I'm sure you're all aware (and if you're not, where have you been because it's literally been EVERYWHERE) that we have a royal wedding in our midst. I must admit that I do love the Royal Family and you gotta love a royal wedding. I am in no way a royalist, oh God no. I just like them. The Queen does have a special place in my heart and I'm not even sure why. I love to read the stories and scandals, especially the whole Fergie thing that kicked off recently. Sneaky little Madam.
Anyway I couldn't be happier for Wills and Kate and I know I should say how lovely it will be for them and how much it will boost the economy blah blah blah but really all I am thinking about is how nice it will be to have such a stunner joining the Royal pack again. Finally someone to bring a bit of fashionista back into the palace. On their engagement interview she picked a gorgeous Issa dress which would cost £385 for you and me, although good luck trying to get one. Matches sold out within hours of the press conference. The dress was a lovely deep blue colour and looked cracking with her nice long locks and super super white teeth. It also matched the sapphire in the rock perfectly. Nice work lady. It reminded me of a nice little vintage blouse that I normally wear as a tunic that I have in a similar colour, hence why I've dug it out to wear today. I particularly like buttons and detailing on the collar.
Now there was a lot of controversy throughout their whole relationship what with all this talk of her being 'common' prior to the engagement (I'm sorry but if she's common than what does that make me?!) but if Queenie's welcomed her with open arms then so will I. I wish them all the luck in the world.

Blouse - Thrift Store
Dress - American Apparel
Tights - River Island
Boots - Topshop
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