11 November, 2010

Pretty in Chiffon.

Looking back about 10/12 years ago I really wouldn't have thought I would be standing here now having my photo taken wearing chiffon. For years and years my Mum tried to get me to wear nice dresses and lovely fabrics but stubborn little me wasn't interested unless it said Umbro, Adidas and dare I say it..Kappa down the side. Yep, that's how bad the extent of my fashion tastes were. Believe me I'm not proud of it (and probably shouldn't be admitting it to you) but luckily I do have the excuse that I was a very sporty kid AND I grew up in Suffolk where it was pretty much the height of fashion to have this seasons Reebok Classics. But low and behold here I am years later wearing one of the first vintage pieces I ever bought - a little chiffon number with a cute floral print. Chiffon is so easy to wear, it can instantly pretty-fi (yes it is a word) any outfit and is always super flattering regardless of your shape and size. Plus wearing chiffon automatically makes me think of cake which is always a good thing. Ooh speaking of that I might make a chiffon cake soon. If you haven't heard of it, chiffon cake is pretty much the same as angel cake. And everyone loves a bit of angel cake that's for sure.

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