10 November, 2010


It's official. I heart New York. I mean let's face it, we all kind of knew that was going to be a dead cert didn't we?! But still, I have had the nicest four days and as such I am showing off my NY appreciation today with my new t-shirt. Cheesey and majorly touristy I know, but frankly I couldn't give a damn!

I've worn it with a vintage polka dot skirt (another Beyond Retro find if I remember rightly) and as you can see a much needed pair of RayBan style sunnies - lets not forget that I spent all of yesterday travelling and am suffering with jet lag today...

Right..now to tell you all about my NY adventure.

Day Thirty Nine continued...

After getting over the initial exhaustion of being up at 3.30am and about five more coffees later we boarded the flight at Heathrow at around 9ish on Friday morning. Even though we stupidly forgot our cunning plan to get upgraded we still ended up with some nice seats, helpful when me and the boy have extremely long limbs between us. As such we ended up having a rather nice flight that actually seemed to fly by (excuse the pun). We flew into Newark airport at around 2ish (NY time) and on the way down had a cracking view of the NY skyline. After customs and baggage control we grabbed a yellow cab and headed into the city to check into our Hotel. We stayed at a hotel called The Chelsea Inn which was actually quite sweet. It's described as being 'reminiscent of Grandma’s house' and the rooms definitely emulated this..well the more expensive ones I managed to sneak a peek into when the doors were left open were at least. Ours most certainly did not. That said, it was right off 5th Avenue so we couldn't really complain.
Running on adrenaline by this point we decided to wander down Broadway and head straight to Time Square to soak up the atmosphere. And boy was that an atmosphere and a half. Thankfully the boy was holding my hand most of the time as I fear I could have caused a number of traffic accidents just wandering around aimlessly looking at the buildings. My road sense isn't good at the best of times, let alone with crazy cab drivers and me permantly looking upwards..

The rest of the night is somewhat of a blur but I know there was a waiter called Kyle, a bar called Jimmy's, a bit of a drunken jaunt round Macy's and beer. Lots and lots of beer.

Day Forty:

We woke in the morning to a beautiful sunny day and after a quick trip to the vintage store I had discovered round the corner from our Hotel, we decided to head straight up the Empire State Building before it got too busy. If you haven't done it before and think it's too touristy. Well, don't. Yes it's touristy and you spend most of the time stuck wedged in queues with people taking photo after photo after photo of themselves but by the time you get up there you forget all that and it's just amazing. Proper breathtaking. After that we walked down 5th Avenue heading towards Central Park with a quick stop off at Tiffany's on the way - obviously. Central Park in November is so so beautiful. The colours are stunning and just walking round it felt so iconic. It was a perfect place for a picnic so that's exactly what we did...with hot dogs and pretzels. Perfect! We then spent the whole afternoon browsing round the Met which was equally as perfect. With aching feet and hungry belly's we decided to do the most obvious but definitely the most needed thing..We headed straight for a proper American Diner to eat our body weight in burgers and drink yet more beer. It was good, oh sooo good!! We then decided as it was Saturday night to head to some bars and party up NY style. My favourites of the night have to be Mars Bar and Manitoba's in the East Village. One being a proper punk bar with an awesome juke box where beers were served straight out of boxes and the other being a proper NY style bar ran by the lead singer of  The Dictators. My vintage piece of the day was a super cute vintage brooch from Tramp in Brighton and it looked fab on my leopard print collar coat.

Day Forty One:

The next day was a jam packed day and as much as I'd like to tell you all about it the jet lag is kicking in and after a full day at work today I am struggling to stay awake. So I'm going to bail out and list this one. Don't worry though. It's a pretty fun list.

Waffles. Union Square Gardens. East Village. Chinatown. Boat. Statue of Liberty. Little Italy. Bowery. Patricia Fields. Pizza. American TV. Crisps. Guided by Voices at Terminal 5. Taxi. Sleep.

Plain and simply AWESOME.

The frock I wore that day was the one I bought from a little vintage called Rags-a-gogo on W14th St the day before. I had planned on waiting until I got back to wear it but I just couldn't resist. I do believe it may be a new favourite.

Day Forty Two:

Our plan for today was to head to Brooklyn and spend the day there. We even had a list of vintage shops and record stores as long as our arm that we wanted to go to but unfortunately the weather got the better of us and it rained most of the day so we decided not to. Brooklyn Bridge in the wind and rain wouldn't have been fun. Instead we had yet another diner breakfast - you just can't beat them. And spent the morning browsing flea markets in Greenwich Village before heading up to the Natural History Museum to soak up a bit of culture for the afternoon. And lets be honest here - part of the reason we went was so we could pretend we were in Night at the Museum. Don't tell me you wouldn't have done the same..! I'm not going to lie I was a little bit disappointed that it wasn't laid out the exact same way that it was in the film. But we did manage to find this guy...

Gutted we couldn't find Sacajawea though. My plan to wear dresses everyday was thwarted that day because of the weather so instead I wore cigarette pants, a mustard coloured silk top and a nice vintage necklace. You can't see the necklace too well in this photo but I'm sure I'll wear it another day so you can see it properly then.

Anyway we eventually emerged about 5 hours later (Man that place is big!) and hopfooted it back to Little Italy to taste some of their finest. We hastily went into the first busiest restaurant we saw. I thought this was always a fail safe option when choosing restaurants but apparently not. Unfortunately we were met with cold food, a nice white hair in my pasta, nasty wine and burnt bread. Funnily enough though, it really didn't matter. I think we would have had a good time even if we'd found a small dead animal in the soup. Which if truth be told could have been quite possible. The boys soup did look a little bit suspect...

Day Forty Three:

Another early rise that morning as we jumped (crawled) in a cab at 6am to take us to the airport. We got on the plane at 8.15am, took off just after 9am NY time and landed back in the UK at 10pm our time. Now that's a day of travelling if ever I saw one. Quite literally a WHOLE day. Once again I wore a nice little vintage cardi given to me by my Nanna. Please excuse the squinty eyes..this photo was taken at about 7 in the morning and I hadn't exactly had much sleep..!

So that's it. That was our trip.

Did I have the most amazing holiday ever? YES.
Was I pleased to come home? (For the exhaustion and the now very poorly bank balance) YES.
Do I now want to live in New York? YES.
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