15 November, 2010


Having had the day off work today something must have been working in my favour because the sun most definitely had its hat on in Brighton town. A quick call to one of my ladies and we set off to the pier to bask in the sunshine. There's something about Brighton Pier that makes me very happy. I don't know whether its because in my head I still imagine women walking arm and arm in amazing outfits or the image of a beautiful couple strolling along holding hands in a black and white film but spending time on there just doesn't get old. Granted you have to learn to block out the horrible teenagers shouting out phrases I will never understand and the tacky amusements but once you've got the hang of that it's like a trip down memory lane. After a bit of a wander we grabbed some deckchairs - much to peoples amusement who obviously thought we were crazy to do this is mid November - and set up camp to watch the birds fly by and the lovely calm seas. One particular baby seagull decided to sit on the railings in front of us pretty much the whole time. I think it could smell my fear. That or because of the ridiculously large snood I was wearing he thought I was his Mum. Either way he was quite a lovely little critter and provided us with lots of entertainment. About 45 minutes passed and by the time we left everyone had jumped on the deckchair bandwagon and we were suddenly surrounded by people relaxing in the sunshine. Who's laughing now eh?

Today's vintage piece is a brown mock croc clasp bag with awesome long handles. I don't know about you but generally when I find a nice clasp handbag it always has small handles so you have no choice but to carry it or hold it in the crook of your arm which is sometimes a tad annoying. The handles on this one are long enough to wear it as a shoulder bag and it's also big enough to hold my camera as well as all the other crap I carry around with me on a daily basis - hurrah!

Dress - Urban Outfitters
Belt - Accessorize
Jacket - Primark
Boots - ASOS
Snood - River Island
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