12 November, 2010

You lazy oaf.

No I'm not insulting you. As if I would do that! I'm simply introducing you to this amazing brand called Lazy Oaf  (if you haven't heard of them before of course!) Lazy Oaf are a cracking label that offer amazing tees, super cute sweatshirts and awesome stationary & homewares. All illustrated in house, they're designs are frankly pretty damn rad. I've had the t-shirt I'm wearing today for a few years and it's definitely one of my faves. Going for a bit of a sailor vibe (and why not I say!) I've worn it with a little high waisted number, a cinch belt and a bit of red lippy - what nautical look is complete without it eh? Oh and of course, my vintage piece of the day, an electric blue cardi which by the way is the softest cardi that will ever grace my pasty arms - it's perfect for a day as miserable as today and it only cost me a fiver. Bonus.

Be sure to check out their website as their Autumn/Winter collection is really something. If you're a fan of graphic prints, edgy styles and vibrant colours then it'll be right up your street. Plus their male model is a bit of a dish. And it's always nice to have a bit of eye candy on a Friday afternoon.

Lazy Oaf is available in over 150 stockists worldwide but I urge you to go check out their shop if you're ever in London Town. Or you could just order online from the comfort of your sofa AND it just so happens that they are offering 20% off all t-shirts this weekend. Get browsing people! Oh and if your feeling generous it would literally make my day if at least one of you could send me this card... 

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