26 November, 2010

Casual Friday.

Today I am fully embracing Casual Friday. I don't technically work from a huge office as I just work from my own studio so I am kind of making up a Casual Friday just for me. Which is not too dissimilar to how I made up Cake Friday, Pub Lunch Friday, Frock Friday and Afterwork drinks Friday. Basically I think as it's Friday you can just do whatever you want, add a 'Friday' to the end of it and before you know it you've come up with the best plan you've had all week.

Today's outfit encapsulates two of my favourite things. Anchors and Stripes. Like bacon and eggs, tea and cake and even Posh and Becks they just go together so well. One almost seems wrong without the other. I've also thrown in a mustard scarf for good measure just because it's sooo cold today. I also apologise for my birds nest of a hairdo..but I did say it was Casual Friday...

The brooch is one of my Nanna's and is more than a little bit special. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to eat cake, drink beer and possibly change into a nice frock and have me a huge Friday extravaganza.

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