30 November, 2010

Thats my kind of market.

Normally most markets consist of more fruit and veg that you can shake a stick at, some dodgy replica handbags, a random electrical appliance stall and a token pet shop, Spitalfields, Portabello and Camden aside of course. BUT imagine if you had the style of Spitalfields right here on your very computer. Well I have good news for you all. Now you do. ASOS have launched ASOS marketplace. Similar to eBay, members can upload their wears and sell them to you. Some are one off vintage pieces and some are brand spanking new designers using ASOS marketplace as a platform to get their designs out there. The nice thing about the marketplace though is there is no actually haggling or outbidding like you'd find on eBay. If you see something you like you just snap it up straight away. No waiting around and once you find what your looking for you can instantly buy it and it'll be shipped to you within days. What a cracking idea hey? Fashion lovers can share their style, vintage fiends can snap up unique pieces and designer divas can embrace new designers. I for one, am totally on the ASOS marketplace bandwagon. I've already made a purchase and I'm wearing it today and in fact I'm more than tempted to sell a few of my threads on there to raise some cash to buy some more. Winner!

Blouse - ASOS Marketplace
Necklace - Vintage
Tights - Primark
Boots - ASOS
Belt - River Island

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