29 November, 2010

Welcome to the gun show.

Today will mostly consist of helping my pal move house. Ordinarily when you think of moving house you think of removal vans and a couple of burly men lifting heavy boxes with ease but as you've probably guessed by now..I don't tend to do things in an ordinary way. So instead, we have my car (that's it), a few ladies, cheesey tunage and a lot of alcohol. (Not whilst driving though kids. Keep it safe). Unfortunately I am not exactly the strongest lady in the world either. These arms of mine are weaker than a small child's and the fact that I've also got a cold too isn't going to help. So in an attempt to 'butch' up a bit I am dressing like a man. I figure if I can channel my inner male then lifting furniture will be a breeze. So incidentally my vintage piece of the day is my boyfriends cardi that he got from a second hand stall at a festival a few years back. I don't know about you ladies but I do love a man in a nice patterned cardi. I'm a sucker for them really and this one is a bit of a corker. I'm wearing it with skinny jeans, my old converse and a t-shirt that the boy got last night from the Matt Berry gig we went to. It also has to be said that I am also a sucker for 'people you probably shouldn't fancy but do'. Philip Schofield, Simon Cowell, Bill Nighy to name a few and now, Matt Berry. I blame the husky voice. So to show my new found and slightly concerning appreciation I shall we wearing a t-shirt sporting his face all day. Seriously though if he's gigging near you definitely go check it out, so good and so funny.

I've also thrown on a headscarf for good measure. I don't actually want people to think I'm a man. Due to my height this has been known to happen in the past (MORTIFIED) so I'm not taking any chances today. Oh no no no.

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