28 November, 2010

Life changing cake.

You guessed it, once again I am hungover but today instead of wallowing around I decided to get myself out into the fresh air and have myself some life changing cake. Life changing cake in the form of a chocolate brownie that is. The little cafe that housed this cake is also pretty much the perfect place to go when your hungover because it's literally like being at home with stuff hanging everywhere downstairs and upstairs resembling a teenagers bedroom, except there is someone there to ply you with tea and cakes. Perfect for when all you really want to do is be at home but you dragged yourself out because it felt like the 'right' thing to do. I did wear a frock today, I mean come on, it is Sunday. And the vintage piece was a nice amber brooch pinned to my coat, unfortunately you can't see it too well in the photo. Sorry about that. I was far too interested in the life changing cake I was about to eat than posing for a good photo!


This little cafe is called Marwood and can be found on Ship Street in Brighton and I urge you to take visit. Particularly because they follow one of my main mantras...Decaf is not cool kids!

Oh and was the cake life changing? I guess we'll have to watch this space..!

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