03 November, 2010

Born in the Eighties.

Having been a little nipper in the Eighties I must say that it does hold a special place in my heart. Kids TV was at its best, you could walk round in cycling shorts like it was the most normal thing on earth and you had t-shirts that changed colour. Well I did anyway. I also had a rather fetching purple shell suit but I don't like to talk about that..

Anyway, it just so happens, out of pure luck, that my day has taken a rather 80's form. I am wearing a bit of an awesome 80s vintage number (I think it's the geometric stripes that do it), all my favourite 80s songs have played randomly on iTunes and at lunchtime I had fish finger sandwiches and watched Neighbours. Now all I need to do is fail miserably at a rubiks cube, put up some 'New Kids on the Block' posters and dance round my room to 'Eye of the Tiger' and it'll be like a flashback to my childhood.

Dress - Beyond Retro
Cardi - ASOS
Pumps - Primark
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