17 December, 2010

Tis the season to...

..wear woolly jumpers, eat mince pies until you can't physically eat any more and count mulled wine as one of your five a day. So today that's exactly what I'm doing. We're having a bit of a studio party with mulled wine and mince pies and I'm wearing a jumper that's so bad its actually quite good? Well that's what I'm hoping for!

I plan on wearing a lot of festive jumpers over Christmas but I've started out pretty tame today with one of my Nannas jumpers. When my boyfriend first saw my outfit today he said I looked like I should be on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. There is something to be said for a bad 90s jumper and the Fresh Prince was brimming with them! Second to the fashion, Carlton's dancing has to be my next favourite thing about the whole show.

See that stupidly happy face? That's because I've just had the urge to watch this...

Watch it. Learn it. Do it. Haha!

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