16 December, 2010

Schools Out.

I am unintentionally dressed like a bit of a school girl today. It was one of those mornings where you grab the nearest thing you can find and as such I have ended up looking like I should be a prefect or possibly an art teacher. My jumper even has a little emblem on it! My vintage piece today is the scarf. Yet another vintage fair find. It turns out that my slightly preppy outfit actually turned out to be perfect timing really as the kids break up from School tomorrow and then the full-on Christmas festivities can begin. As such I'm very much treating today as my end of term as from now on it'll be pretty much non stop partying until I collapse through exhaustion on Boxing day. Expect to see lots of tweets about my poor liver over the next week or so if you follow me on Twitter! End of term days were always the most exciting. You hardly did any work, you got to have a little mini makeshift party in your class room, you'd wait in hope to receive a Christmas card from the boy you fancied (or just get acknowledged in my case. The phrase Ugly Ducking seems very appropriate here!) and you'd also excitedly give all your friends their pressies. Normally bought from Superdrug and Woolies or if you were really pushing the boat out then Claire's Accessories. I also have that excited feeling in my belly that you used to get on the last day of school. The feeling that Christmas is well and truly coming. I was THE most unbelievable scrooge last year so I'm totally spreading the Christmas joy this year to make up for it. I'm not going to lie I have just had Mariah and the Pogues on repeat constantly today. So much so that I now reckon I could give 'All I want for Christmas' a pretty good go at karaoke. Oh god. Note to self - stay away from any kind of microphone over the next few weeks.

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