19 December, 2010

Gaga ooh la la.

Well I have to be honest I don't really have much to say today. I pretty much went out in my pants last night so understandably A LOT of drinking had to occur in order for me to have the balls to do it and as such I am struggling today. After trying on outfit after outfit, my ideas were just not working and I just didn't look Gaga enough. So after a lot of persuasion from my friends and a hell of a lot of dutch courage I braved the cold and went out in some high waisted pants. With about a million pairs of clear tights on though I might add. I'm not THAT silly. Anyway this was the result...

Thanks Greg for the photo!!
So today my outfit is much the same as yesterday. A bit of a throw anything on and hope it works jobby. I've gone for the oh so forgiving smock, perfect for hiding bellys full of alcohol and the roast I had earlier. Mmmm. My Dads old jumper and still channeling a bit of Gaga with an awesome 80s leather jacket my friend bought from Snoopers Paradise in Brighton.

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