14 December, 2010

Lady Crushes.

As well as the man crushes that I go on about ALL the time. (Sorry about that). I actually have a lot of lady crushes. Ladies that I think are amazing and beautiful and totally awe inspiring. Firstly Gaga - that goes without saying obviously. Next up the Queen B that is Beyonce. For two reasons. The voice and that ass. Then a recent addition, Rhianna. It was the Rude boy video that sold it for me. Any woman who can make grinding a zebra look good is down with me. I also love the way that she is just pure filth and uber confident. Of course there is the more fashion related ones - SJP and Alexa blatantly. If I could have an inch of their style I'd be one very happy lady. And then we have the classics, Audrey and Marilyn of course. But one particular lady I have also loved for years, pretty much ever since I saw her first Vogue cover. Her androgynous looks, pixie hair cut and huge eyes were what made her famous and whats better is now I get to watch her every day on the M&S adverts. That's right, you guessed it. It's Twiggy!! (Granted a much older Twiggy but for a mature lady she's still got it). I love the M&S adverts anyway. I would give anything to live in an M&S advert. But now Twiggys on them it's just the icing on the mouthwatering cakes they MAKE me buy AND eat through their ridiculously good advertising. After sharing the Twiggy love with you today I felt the need to go mini and go stripes in this little 60s ensemble. This dress is actually woolen so its perfect for Winter. I bought it from a vintage fair while I was at Uni a few years back. It kept me nice and warm while we lived with no heating and solely on pasta. Ohh the memories... It is crazy short mind, I think even the Queen of mini's Mary Quant herself would agree so I've had to wear another dress under it. Lets face it, my bum isn't quite as good as Honey B's or RiRi's just yet.

So come on ladies and gents, tell me, who are your lady crushes?

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