10 December, 2010

I would go out tonight....

..but I haven't got a stitch to wear. Literally. I am having one of those annoying days where I know I need to go out straight after work but I can't find anything that I want to wear. I went home on my lunch break to try and attempt to find an outfit after this mornings failed attempts and lets just say my bedroom now looks like a thrift store has exploded all over it. So in a fit of rage (I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't pretty) I decided, screw it. It's a night out on the town. I'm gonna go bright and I'm gonna go Eighties. And whats more 80's than this frock hey? Bought from a eBay a couple of years ago, expect to see it busting some (bad) shapes in a club near you shortly. I might even back comb my hair...

And yes that is a cup of wine. I'm a classy lady.

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