06 December, 2010

My little pony.

Today mostly revolved around ponies and tea. Yep, actual ponies. I have left bustling Brighton behind and have headed off on a mini break with one of my favourite ladies. I would love to say that we have booked into a swanky country hotel but in fact we are merely house sitting while my friends rents are away. That said, their house is so so lovely that it does actually feel like we're at a hotel anyway. I had the best nights sleep I have had in so so long. It's amazing what the country air can do to a girl! So, fresh faced and with a belly full of bacon we set off to the New Forest with the soul intention of playing with ponies. I would like to say that the ponies we met were friendly but sadly they were not. Shortly after the photo of me was taken that particular horse decided to come for me resulting in a lot of slipping on the icy grass as I tried to frantically get away. Thankfully that moment wasn't caught on camera. Slightly traumatised we headed for warmth which we found in an awesome antique centre. Followed by tea and scones (obviously) we left there very happy ladies.

Today's vintage piece is an awesome faux fur leopard print hat from Beyond Retro. Perfect for a chilly day like today. Now we're off to cook a fancy dinner and drown ourselves in cocktails. We are on holiday after all....

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