13 December, 2010

The Swayze.

I know EVERYONE is talking about the X Factor result, and I certainly would have been if Rebecca had won. But I thought this years final was pretty weak in comparison to the previous years. I left a nice warm pub AT HAPPY HOUR to come home especially to watch it. And what happened? Blooming Matt Cardle won. Technically I should like him as hes from my neck of the woods (ish) but not even a Biffy cover could sway me and I'm sorry but no mans voice should go that high. It's just unnatural. In fact, the highlight of my night was what followed after. Channel 5 came up with the goods and brought me the one and only Swayze. One of my ultimate dreamboats and possibly one of my first ever crushes. The man me and my older sister bonded over as we danced out the dance routines and paraded up and down the stairs like we were 'Baby.' Oh how I miss him and his thick golden locks. There is something to be said for a man who can dance that's for sure, and lets just say he could put me in a corner any day. Oh god, that sounds like pure filth. Technically I should apologise for being so crude, but I won't. I love him that much. So in homage to Baby I'm wearing a cute little babydoll dress from O&O vintage.

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