09 December, 2010

Dress down Thursday.

Some days you just need a dress down day. A day where you don't care what you look like and comfort definitely rules over style. Today I'm wearing my oldest pair of skinny jeans that have a rather revealing rip in the crotch area but I can't bare to throw out and a navy v-neck jumper I stole from my Dad a few years back that he's had since the 80s - Unsurprisingly he took great delight in telling me that it is as old as I am.
Sometimes I find that dressing down can actually make you seem cooler than if you have made an effort. That whole nonchalant look can speak volumes. I envy girls that look effortlessly chic without even trying. That said, anyone looking at this photo could think that I'm some gal who walks round town with her headphones on listening to some upcoming band with my rayban's on, in a baggy mans jumper looking all cool and like I don't give a damn. When in fact I'm only really wearing this today because I desperately need to do a clothes wash and I couldn't be bothered to find anything else. And if anything I'm probably walking round listening to Tom Jones. Rock 'n' Roll I know.

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