08 December, 2010

Polka face.

It's the last day of my mini break today and due to the cold weather and lack of funds we have decided to haul up inside all day baking cakes, dreaming about last nights gig (more about that later) and dancing around the kitchen. I know I bang on about this all the time but seriously dancing to Gaga whilst baking a Victoria sponge is really just the best medicine. It puts you in a cracking mood. Speaking of Gaga we've also spent a large portion of today drinking tea whilst googling Gaga. We may have also learned a few Gaga dance move tutorials on YouTube too. (Ahem. I'm not even ashamed).  The reason for all the Gaga being that I'm dressing up as her for a fancy dress party in a couple of weeks so many outfit ideas needed to be sourced. I think I might have decided on one but you'll have to wait and see the outcome..! I will tell you now though that it is definitely not the meat dress. I like my steak on my plate thank you very much.

True to form I'm also wearing a frock today. This dress is so cute. Its vintage M&S and actually belongs to my friends Ma. It also has just the right amount of swish.

Now back to last nights gig. I went to see the wonder that is Frank Turner. Last time I saw him I was drunk in a field in the middle of the day and with rumours of him being poorly I wasn't sure if it would top the last time. But my gosh, it was even better. The atmosphere was amazing, he was amazing, the crowd was amazing..are you spotting a theme here?! Even poorly he still put on a corker of a show and boy did we swoon. He's got a new EP out at the moment and it is being played on't radio a lot so keep an ear out for his husk of a voice. Yum.

I wonder what our babies would look like...

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