05 December, 2010

Fancy a mooch?

Mooching is a pretty damn good way to spend a Sunday. If you wake up slightly hungover (obviously) with no plans that extend further than the bacon sandwich you plan on making its always nice to receive a text from a friend saying 'mooch?' Now you have to be careful with said mooching. You can't plan a mooch. It has to be a spontaneous act where you throw on some clothes and wander into town to meet your friends who have all done the same thing. You don't have any plans on what shops you want to go in, what you want to buy or even which of your friends will show up. You just go with the flow and see where the day takes you.

We found ourselves spending a ridiculous amount of time in Beyond Retro browsing jumpsuits, furs and Christmas jumpers. My vintage piece today is the necklace. Bought from Tramp in Brighton it almost has a seventies vibe so I teamed it with a mustard silk top and a nice swing coat with leopard print collar. You'll also notice the sunglasses and huge eye bags. Bleugh sorry about that. I really should have wore the glasses in the photo to save you all from looking at the effects of dancing all night and copious amounts of rum have had on my face.

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