22 November, 2011

Lady and the Tramp.

It's that time of year we start buying presents for everyone else and not ourselves and it's just not on. I've been rubbing (fabulous eighties) shoulders with those lovely ladies at Tramp and we have decided to treat you with a corker of a vintage goodie bag.

The goodie bag comprises of an awesome black vintage bowler hat, black suede gloves, a 70's shirt your Ma would be jealous of and a gorgeous little evening bag. Oh for the hell of it we've also thrown in some spandex dance wear for you to bust some moves in this party season. Oh yeaaah.

To be in with a chance to enter this amazing prize all you need to do is follow Tramp Vintage and Shes called Claire on Twitter and tweet out this:

RT and follow to #win a @tramp_vintage goody bag worth over £100 from @imcalledclaire http://bit.ly/ujxMW9

The competition will end on 19th December 2011.

17 November, 2011

Le Geek. C'est Chic.

My Autumn Winter wardrobe this year seems to be a mixture of 'so bad it's good' eighties throwbacks and kindergarten chic. Random yes. But it seems to be working for me.

This outfit is geek chic at it's very best with this checked pinafore combo...

Fancy getting your mitts on this frock? You can buy it here: https://marketplace.asos.com/listing/dresses/tartan-pinafore-maxi-dress/189825


10 November, 2011

I Heart Cheap Frills.

I don't think there is a person out there who hasn't seen the ring I am about to show you and either immediately done an impression of a cat, made a joke involving the word 'foxy' or just plain said 'umm I LOVE it'

I actually did all three when this little beauty of a ring landed on my doorstep...

This ring has been a MASSIVE hit with bloggers alike and you can get your paws (pun intended) on one to by clicking here: http://cheapfrills.bigcartel.com/

Cheap Frills is an amazing little online jewellery boutique whose pieces have been seen on the likes of Sam Faiers from The Only Way is Essex. Reem much? Haha...

In my lovely little package from the gals at Cheap Frills I also received the coveted 'Oui' necklace. I know it's a cliché but I couldn't resist teaming it with a stripey top for added effect!

Adorable non?


21 October, 2011

Go big or go home with oversized knits

In the words of the Mcvities heir Jamie Laing on this weeks Made in Chelsea episode (Yes I watch it. And yes I love it) you have to 'go big or go home'. Obviously he was talking about his 'candy kitten' business idea (oh Lordy) but I am talking all about oversized knitwear.

The climate has finally decided it's Winter so it's time to drag out your chunky knits, Winter Warmers and snuggle up in style. If you can mix this with a freaking awesome print then you have knocked up double the amount of trend points.

I am in love with this fabulous eighties slouchy knit and its geometric print...

You can buy this jumper on the Super+Super marketplace here for the bargain price of £15.


19 October, 2011

Geometric Joy.

Let's face it, the weather has turned our wardrobes upside down. I don't know whether to wear a winter coat and boots or a summer dress sans tights. Whatever decision you make each morning you can guarantee that 10 minutes down the road you'll feel like you've made a mistake. The other day I was sweating like a beast by the time I got to Tesco. And Tesco is only 5 minutes away from me. I'm pretty sure the security guard followed me around as he feared I was going to pass out.

The next day I was floating around town in a floaty little number and no cardi. Aaaand commence full on gusts of wind exposing my pants to the nation. I tried my best to be style it out and just pretend I was Marilyn, however my Granny pants (laundry day) said otherwise.

It's just not chic is it? How can be continue to be our stylish little selves when the elements keep changing it up? Well I think I have the answer with this outfit. The vintage skirt is a gorgeous missoni-esque print and it's woolen so it'll keep your legs nice and toasty and is heavy enough not to blow up in the wind. I've teamed it with a little crop top so you don't get too hot should the sun come out.

In your face Weather. YOU WILL NOT BEAT ME.

You can get your hands on this skirt on our brand spanking new Super+Super ASOS Marketplace here....https://marketplace.asos.com/listing/skirts/happy-harlequin-maxi-skirt/177356


16 October, 2011


Brighton. England. UK. The World. The time has come.

Me and Miss Amy Phipps are joining forces and going global. That's right. We thought it was about time we collaborated our skills, threw caution to the wind and transformed ourselves into a little (but awesome) Vintage spectacular.

We will bringing handpicked vintage pieces, Hollywood movie stars cast offs and a little bit of craziness to your wardrobe. Follow us on Twitter @SuperSuperHQ to be the first in the know.



Parisian Skies

A few weeks ago I took a pair of A/W Bertie shoes on a little jaunt round Paris. I wasn't quite prepared for the heatwave that greeted me but here is a sneaky peek at some of my outfits...

 The full feature will be up on the Bertie site soon so keep your eyes peeled!

23 September, 2011

Jonathan Aston - The ace of spades.

Dance off, Sing off, Style off. Those are three of my favourite things right there so I obviously jumped at the chance to do a style off for Jonathan Aston tights.
Each blogger had to choose a pair from their new AW range and I definitely came up Trumps with these. (Sorry, the card related jokes are going to come out in full force..) Styled out all in black, it's a pretty ace look.

Anyway if you would all be so kind as to vote for my look you can do so by clicking 'like' on the following link. That. Is. All. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=179361182140800&set=a.179361172140801.44273.114470601963192&type=1&theater

Oh and if I win I will bagsie the whole AW collection which I will then be giving away as a prize on this here blog. See, it's for your own benefit, just as much as mine...!

27 August, 2011

Patricia Field's style tip for She's called Claire.

A month or so ago I was asked to send in a style question to the Style Queen that is Patricia Field and today my answer finally arrived. I literally feel like a kid at Christmas...! Patricia who is known for being Sex and the City's stylist and costume designer is now working closely with Lenor to encourage us to 'awaken our wardrobes' and give old pieces a new lease of life. Right up my street yah?

I asked Patricia for her tips on how to style up a frock that used to belong to my Nanna and I'm giving my readers the opportunity to get a sneaky peek before anyone else does....

So basically the legend that is Patricia Field just compared my Nanna's frock to a Halston frock? Errr HELLO. With these tips in mind I'm totally styling up this frock with her advice for a night out on the town. Tune back into the blog next week to see my outfit! x x x


23 August, 2011

Freeze Frame It.

Do you ever wish you could take a moment and time and freeze frame it, put it in your pocket and save it for a day when you're feeling blue? This happens to me A LOT. So much so, I'm pretty sure that I'd have to start wearing combat trousers again to keep them all in. And let's face it, that's never gonna happen is it? (No offense to all your combat wearing readings out there of course - their multi-purpose function is totally on the money).

Anyway I'm getting off track once again...Basically yesterday was one of those moments. I spent most of the day refreshing the Look Magazine website. I tried so hard not to but being one who openly admits to my lack of 'cool' there I was refreshing. And refreshing. And refreshing...

And Voila! There I was. Nestled at the bottom between some other cracking bloggers. A shortlist for the Look Blogger Competition. Total Win! I generally just ramble away and hope people read it and like it so to actually be acknowledged was somewhat of a surprise! So as usual, in my ever so tacky way to link this situation up (I KNOW YOU LOVE IT REALLY...) I have literally framed the moment.

As luck would have it I was also wearing the jazziest of jazzy tops yesterday. Slightly resembling a bumble bee yes but HELLO spangles! This stunner is from vintage clothing company Another Timeless Piece and it literally couldn't have been a better time to wear it. Picture me reading the results. Then picture me in this outfit along with various members from my studio doing this....

From about 4.10secs in. That's me right there. Oh yeahhhh...


15 August, 2011

The gift of style.

Sometimes it's not about where you've found certain pieces, what charity shop they came from or how much of a bargain they were. Sometimes just the gift of a vintage piece is worth so much more than the piece itself.

I was lucky enough to be given this beautiful little bracelet last week and it's not a designer vintage piece or worth thousands of pounds but what's more precious about it is that it was a part of someones life and their style and now it's been passed on to me to carry it on. It's fashion reincarnation in its nicest form....


14 August, 2011

Fix up. Look sharp.

I generally find that being a 'fashion blogger' always has a certain kind of stigma attached to it. Which is why I always do a tiny little cringe when I find myself saying those words out loud. Really I'm just a tall awkward girl who likes to wear pretty vintage frocks and make the odd joke here and there. Quite badly, I might add. For me, fashion should never be taken too seriously. Fashion really is just another way for us to express ourselves so if you want to go outside wearing your stripey PJ's then just go for it. They say the 'just got out of bed' look is always a winner so why not take it literally. Besides, we've all ran to the shop in them for emergency milk, tea, bacon of a Sunday morning so why not throw on some killer heels and some big sunnies and style it out?

Being that this is my plea for a spot on the front row at the Look show I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to share with you all that you can totally rock the latest trends with vintage, second hand and high street finds. In an attempt to mix it up, I've picked my favourite AW12 trends from the latest issue of Look Magazine and transformed them into outfits fit for the sunniest of summer days. It's always good to be ahead of the game right?

Emerald City...

I'm a recent convert to the colour green and this vintage skirt is now a total fave. I've teamed it with a little floral bodice from Topshop and an American Apparel hat and BOOM there you have a picnic perfect outfit. Now someone take me to a park stat. This girl is in desperate need of a scotch egg and fast.

Girl with the golden touch...

This is a 100% high street outfit. We're talking H&M, American Apparel and Topshop here. I do love a bright and yellow is just the perfect colour to cheer up any look. This skirt looks great for a summer style but come Winter all you need to do is team this bad boy with thick grey tights, ankle boots and an arran cardi that your Gran would be proud of and you'll instantly have the perfect Autumnal look.

Polka face...

You gotta love an up-cycle (well I most certainly do) and that's exactly what this vintage number is. It used to be a longer dress but it has been shortened to create this little mini. Upcycling is totally the way forward and I love the fact that you can tweak an existing garment into being something specifically designed for you. It's also incredibly thrifty and therefore much better for your bank balance. Which in hindsight means you then have more money to buy more dresses. Now that's a kind of logic I like to do..!

Flirty Forties...

When it comes to forties frocks I have plenty that my Nanna gave me that I could have easily worn but I just wanted to show that even the high street shops are pulling it out of the bag when it comes to vintage inspired styles nowadays. I think you'll agree that Primark really came up trumps when they created this little bad boy. The mustard colour and pussy bow detailing is just perfect for a forties inspired frock.

Leather and lace...

I have to admit I do love a sheer. To the point in fact where it does become a little bit inappropriate. Not wanting to be known as the girl on the front row who makes everyone feel uncomfortable I have toned it down somewhat and gone for this lace frock from H&M instead. Another one that's perfect for Winter really, yet worn with bare legs, ankle boots and some sunnies and it's the perfect festival outfit. That's right. This festival season it's Alexa Chung, Florence Welch, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and err...some girl called Claire?

Hey, a girl can dream. Which is exactly what I'm doing by entering this competition really. I could go on and on about why I deserve a spot on the front row but instead of that don't you think it would be just a little bit good to have a slightly odd looking girl rocking a vintage frock who's basically just a little bit nice?

Hell yeah it would! Well I am biased obviously..! But seriously if I can send out just one message with this post then mixing the old with the new is totally the way forward. It's all about being comfortable in yourself and just doing and wearing whatever you want to.

Ladies. It's time to mix it up.


11 August, 2011


It's that time of year again. It's giveaway time!

I have decided to part with one of my favourite vintage frocks and as Tony the Tiger would say it's truly "Greeeeaaat". It's also leopard print in case you hadn't already guessed by my pathetic attempt at a joke. A joke, I might add which technically isn't even correct as we're talking leopards not tigers. Sigh. Oh well, a girl has to try...

It fits a UK size 10 to 16 as the waistband is elasticated. To be in chance of winning this little beauty all you need to do is follow @imcalledclaire and RT the original competition tweet to all your followers. Once I reach 1500 followers the winner will be picked at random. GO GO GO.


The art of compliments.

Compliments are tricky things. Trickier than the super advanced Sudoku you might say. There's some weird kind of stigma with compliments and a lot of us struggle with taking them. Yet the majority of the time we have absolutely no issues with giving them.

It's like some kind of weird tug of war pull, except we are all less sweaty and wearing considerably better outfits than sportswear. (I would like to hope...)

I am terrible at accepting any form of compliment and generally it always goes something like this...

Them: “Your hair looks nice”. Me: “Yeah I washed it”.

Them: “Ooh pretty dress”. Me: “Oh thanks, I got it in the sale last week”.

Them: “Wow, I like your shoes". Me: “Oh really? I've had them for years”.

Them: “You look nice”. Me: “Ergh I feel awful”.

Them: “Cool sunnies”. Me: “They are totally covering my eyebags”.

Them: “I really like your flat”. Me: “Really? It's full of damp”.

Does this sound familiar to you? If the answer is yes then welcome to the club. The 'Can't take compliments' club that is. Why we feel the need to answer each compliment with an excuse I will never know. So my tip of the day is...If you look nice and someone tells you so. Just blooming take it with a pinch of salt and a smile would you? You'll feel much better if you do. And they wouldn't have said it if it wasn't true. So deal with it.

Do you have troubles taking compliments? Do you have any style questions you need answering? Are you having confidence issues or need a bit of assistance dressing for your shape? From now on each week in conjunction with Brighton Fashion Week I'll be answering all your life, love and style questions so tweet your questions to @imcalledclaire and/or @bfw2011 or if you'd rather do it anonymously feel free to send me a DM or just email me at clairec@brightonfashionweek.com


05 August, 2011

Perfectly peachy.

Some days all you need is a simple frock, a sunny day, clashing nail varnish and hair backcombed within an inch of its life and you have a recipe for a cracking outfit and a cracking mood to boot.

This frock used to belong to my Nanna and it has the most beautiful embroidery design on the front. It's cotton material which is great for a hot hot day like today and I am loving the scallop edging. Scallop detailing is everywhere over the high street at the moment so it's great to see it in a vintage number too.


04 August, 2011

Here is my heart.

I am a sucker for any kind of project. Most of the time I have about three of four on the go at any one time. But when my friend told me about this particular one being run by the 'Pharmacy of Stories' I was sold, hook, line and sinker.

Those who know me know that I am pretty good at fixing a broken heart. Or at best at least being there for someone who's heart is a little bit broken. There really is nothing worse than a broken heart and sometimes it can take weeks, months or years to fix. Some never even heal but you at least have to try.

So this latest project entitled 'Here is my heart' totally pulled at my heart strings. Pun intended.

The show will offer people the opportunity to either get a heart transplant to mend your broken heart or alternatively to be a donor and donate your heart to someone who needs it.

Matters of the heart are always a tricky one yet it's funny how we can all easily come up with ways to fix them. Take tonight for instance, me and two other gals from the studio cracked open a bottle of vino (obviously) and immediately ideas of the type of things we could make/design/create to help those in need of a little bit of heart TLC were flowing easier than the wine was. Now that's saying something I can tell you...We drink A LOT and generally rather fast..!

I have decided to be a donor and I will wait until the show to share with you what my idea is but in the meantime you all need to get involved and show some love. It's like it's very own crafty therapy. Love it.


28 June, 2011

Festival Fashion.

It's that time of year again. The time we all go escape our normal lives and live in a field for a few days. Festivals are one of my all time favourite things to do. Sometimes there is nothing better than hauling up in a field with nothing but a bunch of your favourites, a stack load of cider, some wonderful sunshine and awesome bands. This year I am going to Latitude Festival in Suffolk. I've been quite a few times and I love it.

Hand in hand with festivals you obviously have to cope with not washing for 4 days, the toilets (eww), the smells, the sounds and the annoying campers that generally always end up settling right next to you. Oh and of course the cracking hangovers which is obviously expected after a 4 day drinking binge. But one of the most important things? THE OUTFITS.

We've all done it, we've all planned what outfits we want to wear before we start packing. That's just what we do! So after seeing the Glastonbury coverage of Beyonce not only am I even more excited about Latitude (16 days and counting..) and my love of Beyonce has hit an all time high but I've also realised its time to start planning the ensembles!

It's always a bit tricky to maintain that same level of style when you are having baby wipe showers and are drenching your head in dry shampoo but it's never stopped me before and this year I am determined to take my vintage style with me. As it was a scorcher yesterday I decided to road test an outfit...

I am a bit of a recent convert to crop tops. There's always something a little bit nineties about them but this ASOS one works a treat with this high waisted vintage skirt. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to listen to Destiny's Child album REALLY loud and try on more potential outfits. I blame Beyonces recent performance entirely...


20 May, 2011

Treats from The Aviary.

This week is just treat central I tell you. First I get sent an amazing bag and today I received a rather wonderful parcel in the post from The Aviary. I'm not going to lie, when I first looked on their website and saw that they were 'born over tea and biscuits from a shared love of redesign' I was immediately sold. Anything over 'tea and biscuits' is already a good thing in my opinion. Anyway, just take a sneaky peek at the goodies I got..

A lot of these pieces have been redesigned, re-invented and transformed into their wonderful little selves and over the next few days I'm going to style up these bad boys with my vintage wears and I couldn't resist wearing this little fellow today...


The red petals inside the necklace go perfectly with this vintage floral number and this man may just be my new beau. He's a stunner.


18 May, 2011

This bag's bang on...

Bang on Vintage that is.

A lovely lady called Deborah, founder of vintage store 'Bang on Vintage' sent me this gorgeous bag in the post this week and I am smitten. It's always amazing when people send me things but it's even better when I fall in love with them at first glance! I just adore the retro shapes of this bag and it's perfect for taking into work or for a meeting. Perfect really considering I have meetings galore at the moment!

I urge you to take a look at Bang on Vintage, they sell the most amazing vintage accessories from bags and brooches to hair accessories and costume jewellery. Fancy giving your outfits a touch a vintage, then this is where you need to be.


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