31 January, 2011

Another day in Paradise.

Todays post is predominantly about Phil Collins. Bet you weren't expecting that you you saw the word paradise were you? Ha!
I am officially coming out of the closet as a Phil Collins lover. (Not literally though..that would be weird). Don't get me wrong I love all kinds of music but recently I have been listening to his 'hits' album A LOT. Probably too much really. For some reason it manages to get me through a busy afternoon. It must be something to do with the catchy tunes and the memory of singing like a banshee to them in the car with my Ma that means that to this day I still love it. We now listen to Phil in the studio sometimes, we do a bit of air drumming and everyone happy.

That said, what is slightly worrying is that my lovely friend Jackie who takes my photos sometimes actually said to me today 'Ooh its a little bit Phil Collins but I like it' when I asked her if she liked my outfit. I nearly died with laughter. Am I listening to so much Phil that I'm now channeling his style? I seriously hope not.

A couple of todays pieces come from an awesome little vintage store called The Cherry Closet. Tomorrow I will be doing a little feature on them so be sure to check back in then but in the meantime here's a taster of whats to come...the tan suede cropped blazer and circular sunnies come from there so what are you waiting for? Go check out the site immediately!

I know that in no way admitting this today makes me 'cool' but frankly I don't give a damn. I defy anyone to not love this song...It's my all time favourite Phil Collins song. Check it out. Phil has got the mooooves. Oh yeaah....


30 January, 2011

I heart Disney.

We all knew it was going to happen. I'm spending the day nursing a beast of a hangover and what makes it ten times worse? I'm stuck working as well. Luckily though I can work from home today and I already have a plan of action. I'm going to eat bacon sandwiches, drink lots of tea and put on a Disney film. There's something about Disney films. I openly admit that I love them but a lot of people are in denial. They say they hate them but put on the Jungle Book and you'll catch them sneakily swaying along to the songs when they think your not looking. But as I said, I'm a proud Disney fan, so proud in fact I'm actually wearing a Disney t-shirt. No I'm not one of those crazy fans who collects Disney memorabilia and goes to Disneyland every year, its that just as luck would have it, Rebecca from Tokyo Telephone has lent me an old 80s Disney t-shirt so it seemed like the perfect time to share it with you. Plus if I'm honest I'm still bloated from all the wine, and tequila, AND vodka I had last night. Oh and the sneaky burger I wolfed down on the way home too. Its definitely days like this that baggy t-shirts become your saviours. Amen to that.


Now I just need to decide what to watch. Oh its tricky. The Lion King so I can whale away to Elton? The Aristocats where I can giggle over cute posh cats? Or Robin Hood? The Disney character I secretly had a crush on when I was growing up. It was totally normal to fancy a cartoon character right? Oh God. Perhaps I should just go back to bed..!


29 January, 2011

She's a black magic woman.

Pretty much every style magazine that you pick up will tell you that colour blocking is going to be a hot trend this season. Being one to break from tradition I have decided to go all out tonight, all black that is. I'm wearing a black mini dress from American Apparel, thick black tights from Primark and this beautiful little vintage chiffon blouse courtesy of Tokyo Telephone. Its just dainty enough to soften up the outfit and give it an almost romantic feel. I've also chosen to wear my new favourite shoes from ASOS. As mentioned previously they make me resemble the BFG but who cares, they're just so pretty. Stack heels are everywhere right now and I couldn't be happier about that. Now I just need to get some stack loafers and my shoe wardrobe will be complete.


Apologies for my scuffed tights, my brogues somehow manage to wear down all my tights. It probably isn't helping that the tights come from Primark and cost about £1 it has to be said. Anyway, see you later lovelies I'm off out in black to paint the town red. Expect a suitably hungover post tomorrow...


28 January, 2011

Global, Global Cool.

I went to an event this week ran by Global Cool (sang global, global cool in the style of Daddy Cool...if your inside my head). Find out more about my night by clicking on the Brighton Fashion Week site here:


I transformed this old vintage number into this beautiful creation complete with floral AND lace collars. I am in love and subsequently now constantly on the look out for old clothes to jazz up. Get involved ladies!


27 January, 2011

Mama knows best.

Today I am very proudly wearing a blouse from C&A's. You remember C&A's? It was the shop that your Mum insisted on dragging you round and round and round on a Saturday afternoon when all you wanted to do was go to Woolies and buy some sweets. I dread to think of the amount of hours I had to spend in that shop. Total it up with M&S and BHS and I reckon I've lost a hefty part of my childhood right there. I vividly remember sitting on the floor in the purple changing rooms while my Ma tried on outfit after outfit and each time she'd come out to show off her potential purchase I'd say "Ergh Mum don't buy that, lets go get you something cool". Well today, I eat my words. I am wearing a stunning C&A blouse courtesy of Tokyo Telephone. I have to admit that all this happened a long time ago, Ma is actually very stylish nowadays. I blame the ninetys entirely. BUT thats what I love about vintage, everything keeps coming around and we style it up to look current and 'on trend'. Now if only Mum had kept hold of her C&A purchases, I could have been walking around now looking freakin' awesome.



26 January, 2011

Teapots and frocks.

This is Rebecca from Tokyo Telephone. I have been wearing Rebecca's clothes all week and there plenty more stunners to come...

Whats the best thing about Tokyo? How long did you live there for etc...
By far the best thing about Tokyo is that there is always something new to discover. A shop, a trend, a piece
of history.
After my A levels, I decided to pack up and run away to Japan: I ended up working in a small town outside
Osaka in western Japan, and had a fantastic time. Although I'd been to Tokyo before, it wasn't until Samuel
and I started dividing our time fully between Tokyo and England that I really got to experience Tokyo living
(Samuel is of course the best guide I could hope for!). Even though I love Tokyo, Osaka will always have a
special place in my heart. I don't think we'll ever run out of things to talk about on Tokyo Telephone!

Who are your favourite designers in Britain and Tokyo?
I think Vivienne Westwood is fantastic; she manages to grow and build on her somewhat irrevent takes on
traditional British design with every season. Oh, what I wouldn't do for a Westwood suit... In terms of more
contemporary design, Samuel and I are both huge fans of Gareth Pugh - there's a sculptural feel to many of
his items, and you can't go wrong with a black pallete!
One of my favourite Tokyo designers right now has to be Christian Dada (http://tokyotelephone.com/tag/
christian-dada/)- he's produced some amazing luxury neo-punk items this year, including some amazing
shoes. A slightly more mainstream brand that I've fallen for is Murua(http://tokyotelephone.com/tag/murua/):
their latest collection grabbed me with the use of sheer fabrics, tassels, huge shoulders and classic black &
white colour combination.

What do you predict will be this seasons hot new trend?
White and bright colour blocking are two huge global trends this season, and marine & floral trends come
around every year, so much so that's it's practically a law of nature. Japan too has embraced the lighter and
brighter colour palette, and is moving towards a more mature version of floral prints - larger scale prints,
longer skirts and sheer fabrics.

Describe your style in 3 words.
(tough one!) Almost always changing.

What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe?
Samuel and I are currently working on a vintage leather biker jacket that I'll be wearing to Japan
Fashion Week in March. I love being able to work on projects together for our new site, NOMI (http://

What fashion item couldn't you live without?
A black leather jacket. Oh, and ankle boots and lipstick!

What has been your favourite fashion find?
Less a specific find, and more a shop: I'm so glad I stumbled across Candy (http://tokyotelephone.com/tag/candy/) in Shibuya! It's a select boutique that features some of my favourite brands, as well as some
amazing vintage pieces. I must admit I'm I go a bit giddy whenever I go in!

Do you have any style icons?
I respect people who aren't afraid to be themselves. Our project site NOMI is named after Klaus Nomi, a
German electro musician who became part of the art/pop scene in New York in the late 1970s. He dressed
sort of like a robot clown from space, but very sadly died in 1983. I think he was wonderful, and very

Todays dress is a vintage number literally covered in teapots and teacups. Pretty much the best print imaginable for me I would say. The amount of tea I drink is borderline dangerous, so much so I'm thinking about braving the world of decaf. I also have a stupid amount of tea cups and tea sets in my possession and am always on the hunt for more. So its pretty amazing for me to sashay around all day sporting this cute print. Some might say its too much. I say, heck no. Now, best put the kettle on..I'm feeling thirsty..


25 January, 2011

Hello Sailor.

In todays post I introduce to you Samuel from Tokyo Telephone. I met up with Samuel last week and quizzed him on his style and his love of Tokyo.

What's the best thing about Tokyo?
I actually went to university in Tokyo and then went on to work for an Ad agency after I graduated. Needless
to say as a backdrop to that I was falling in love with the city and its unique atmosphere and aesthetics.
Above all else the thing that makes Tokyo work is its saturation. You can go to somewhere like Shinjuku
and find the entire concentration of shops and restaurants of the whole of the Laines of Brighton all lined up
on a single street. Then you realize that on top of that all the buildings are 20 stories high with something
interesting on every floor. Then you realize that underneath you there is a whole underground mall, again
crammed with more things than you could ever take in. Then you realize that this is repeated as far as the
eye can see in every direction. It is relentless, saturated and exhausting, but always rewarding.

Who are your favourite designers in Britain and Tokyo?
In terms of British designers I love Gareth Pugh's futuristic re-imaginings of the body. His show from Pitti this
year was heart-stoppingly beautiful and I can't wait to see it marched down a runway in March. Also his ex-
assistant Gemma Slack is definitely worth keeping an eye on.
Aside from that I am really into KTZ and Katie Eary who bring flashes of colour into what would otherwise be a very monotone wardrobe.
As for Tokyo there are really too many to mention. Julius' Tatsuro Horikawa (http://tokyotelephone.com/tag/julius/ ) is perhaps the one person that I find representative of all that I love in Japanese fashion.

What do you predict will be this seasons hot new trend?
I think we are going to see yet more draping in men's fashion. It is about time it gets to be truly mainstream,
as for high fashion those drapes are going to get longer and further down the body. I very much approve.

Describe your style in 3 words.
Distressed, structured and dark.

What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe?
A Gaboratory bracelet made by Nagi Gabor before he passed away. I never take it off and never plan to. I
would not be dressed without it.

What fashion item couldn't you live without?
Probably my Chrome Hearts glasses. Mainly because I can't see a damn thing without them.

What has been your favourite fashion find?
A Makin Jan Ma (http://tokyotelephone.com/tag/makin-jan-ma/ ) current season riders jacket that I found in
a vintage clothes shop - ironically it was brand new with tags and for a comical price. I was almost shaking
when I was leaving the shop with it, I just thought they were about to realize their mistake and chase after

Do you have any style icons?
I admire the structure and form of Klaus Nomi, but I can never escape from the wild excess of Nikki Sixx. I
definitely fluctuate between wanting to wear nothing but elegant monk-like drapes and the next day I want to
be covered in studs and leather like I am in Dimmu Borgir.

Todays frock is a lovely second hand number from Rebecca at Tokyo Telephone (tune in tomorrow to see my interview with the lady herself!). I think you'll agree with me when I say 'Ahoy there!' Its just awesome. Its nautical, its monochrome, its stripey, its everything I need and want from a dress. The shape is uber flattering too. The extra collar is super quirky and I've teamed it with what in my opinion every nautical look needs - red lips and leopard print. Oh yeaaaah.


24 January, 2011

Tokyo Telephone.

This week I am being styled by the fabulous guys from Tokyo Telephone. If you haven't checked out Tokyo Telephone before then I urge to take a look now. Its a cracking website that basically tells you everything you've ever needed to know about Japanese fashion and culture. It's become my Japan style guide and I can't help but check back everyday to find out about the amazingly talented designers that they feature.

Tokyo Telephone is ran by Rebecca and Samuel. A couple who live together and blog together and are basically some of the loveliest people you've ever met. So lovely in fact, that they have offered to dress me this week! Todays dress is a stunner. Rebecca bought this from the vintage section downstairs in Topshop a few years back and the lace and leather combination is beautiful. It is crazy short though so I have had to be VERY careful. A little old man almost got an eyeful in Sainsbury's earlier when I bent down to get some milk. Poor chap.

Another thing that makes this dress so beautiful is the lining. I love the fact you can see the fabric detailing and needlework. It almost makes me want to wear the dress inside out as it's that pretty inside. Underwear as outerwear was such a big trend last year, surely turning a dress inside out must count as the same principal idea right?


23 January, 2011

Snap happy.

Polaroids make me deliriously happy. They always have done. I have the best memories of me and my friends snapping away with my old Polaroid camera when we were little. I was devastated when they stopped producing it. For a short while you could buy out of date film on eBay, however unfortunately now the sellers have cottoned on to how much dollar they can make from it, it is now stupidly expensive. All is not lost though, you can now buy film from the Impossible Project and snap away once again. It is pretty expensive though so make sure you save the film for really special moments!

Today's vintage piece is this adorable green floral scarf bought from To be worn again in Brighton.


22 January, 2011

Saturday Shirts.

Some Saturdays, like this one (unfortunately), are jam packed with errand running, cleaning and a bit of work. Whats the perfect outfit for such an occasion I hear you ask? Your favourite jeans, a big mens shirt and a headscarf thats what. This shirt belonged to stylist Laura Grant-Evans' Grandad in the 1970s and is super comfy. It's oversized on me so its perfect for relaxing around the house and/or just chilling out. I've worn it with a red headscarf and a leopard print belt from Marks and Spencers to add just a touch of fifties housewife.


Now sadly my two weeks of being styled by Laura Grant-Evans has come to an end. It has been fabulous working with Laura and I must admit I am totally envious of her vintage wears and wish I owned them! Don't worry though, you will see some more of her offerings soon - we are set to do another collaboration in the summer so that'll be super. If you are a stylist or vintage shop and you would like to style me, be featured on the site or simply let me sashay around in your clothes for a day then please feel free to email me at shescalledclaire@gmail.com.


21 January, 2011

Emily the Pemily.

Todays outfit is a cracking one. I'm wearing a t-shirt made by the marvellous Emily the Pemily. I met up with Emily last week for a cuppa and a catch up and you can read the full article on the Brighton Fashion Week website here:


As the sun has finally decided to get its hat on today, I've teamed the tee with a vintage bright green pleated skirt, grey tights and stupidly high stack heels that if I'm honest I struggle to walk in and make me resemble the BFG somewhat. They sure look pretty though...


20 January, 2011

Busy being fabulous.

...I wish. Unfortunately it is very much the opposite. I am so busy at the moment that I don't even have time to write something (hopefully) witty to entertain you with today. Instead you'll have to make do with a picture of todays frock and a label maker. Don't ask me why. It did keep me entertained during my stupidly busy day though...

This jacket dress is vintage and was bought from Nagoya in Japan. I've worn it with simple pumps and a shed load of pearls. Why not!


19 January, 2011

Bright young things.

Today I'm having one of those days where no matter what I do i just can't get my face to look good. I don't know whether its lack of sleep, lack of a proper skincare routine recently or whether I'm just having a 'bad face day' but its very annoying. Especially when I have to have my photo taken daily and put it out into the World Wide Web for all to see. So you'll notice today I'm pulling a casual 'just look at the floor' pose. Cunning I know. You'll also noticed that I'm wearing the brightest dress you've ever seen. This awesome 80s number from Dirty Harry's in Brighton is 'supposed' to draw the attention away from my face and I think you'll have to agree it does just that. It has puffball sleeves, polka dots AND pleats. If that's not enough to distract anyone then I don't know what is!

Funnily enough whilst browsing OK Magazine this morning I happened to see an article about the 'interesting' hairdos on the models at A.F. Vandevorsts AW 2001 collection shown at Berlin Fashion Week last night. Think I might give this a go next time I have a 'bad face day' or a sudden spot attack. Genius no?

Alexander Palacios/WENN.com


18 January, 2011

And we're in triple figures..!

Today is yet another exciting day at 'Shes called Claire' towers. I HAVE HIT TRIPLE FIGURES!! I have been wearing something vintage every day for a whole one hundred days. I have to admit I'm feeling pretty smug with myself right now.

It seemed only right to celebrate today with Laura Grant-Evans' favourite dress. As I'm sure you know, Laura is the stylist who has been dressing me all week and you can find out more about her here. This dress was lent to me on the strict promise that I would not damage it and I can totally see why she's in love with it so much. Its was bought from Church Street in Stoke Newington and is a beautiful fabric with just the right amount of swish. I know the colours are a bit summery but this is a celebration so I can wear whatever I like!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has helped me so far, whether it be all the friends I've roped into taking photos of me or the amazing people that have lent me clothes so far. I REALLY appreciate it. And as for all of you lovely lot who haven't lent me anything yet..I'll be in touch..! Ha!

In other news, an article about me and my vintage challenge was recently featured on Lucy in Disguise's website which is super exciting. Lucy in Disguise is the fabulous vintage store owned by Lily Allen and her Sister so it was a complete honour to be asked. You can read the article here: http://lucyindisguiselondon.com/2011/01/a-new-era-in-style-claire-culley/

So as we're officially in party mode now I need you all to turn this up, put on some sequins and pull some shapes for two of my favourite ladies. Tina and Beyonce....


17 January, 2011

Green with envy.

I'm a recent convert to the colour green. I find it very flattering and it seems I'm not the only one. Green was also a very popular colour for the celebs at the Golden Globes last night too. Angelina resembled a beautiful mermaid in her stunning Atelier Versace gown...

Catherine Zeta  wore a beautiful Monique Lhuillier dress..

Mad Men's Elizabeth Moss showed off her cracking curves in Donna Karan...

 And Mila Kunis looked fabulous in this one shoulder number...

So in homage to these emerald beauties, todays piece is this wonderful green houndstooth coat bought from a vintage shop in Tokyo. I've teamed it with skinny jeans, leopard print pumps and a mustard silk top for an almost preppy look.

The bracelet I'm wearing brings a bit of sparkle to the outfit and is another treat from Love for New Look jewellery. It looks very vintage and works perfectly with the pearl bow hairband they sent me too! These two pieces will be out in selected stores across the UK in the next couple of weeks.


16 January, 2011

Disco Christmas.

Have you ever had Christmas celebrations in January? Well today I did. Either I'm really early or really bloody late but me and my friends decided as we didn't get a chance to have Christmas together this year due to us all gallivanting all over the country we decided to do it in January as that was the soonest we could all get together. What started off as being called 'Faux Christmas' quickly turned into being called 'Seventies Christmas' when we decided that we would go 70's foodtastic with prawn cocktail starters and duck for main course. So obviously it wasn't long before the name got aptly changed to 'Disco Christmas'. Partly because if you're having a 70s themed day then it would be inevitable that a disco would be involved at some point but mainly because when all of us in the same room you can pretty much guarantee that a lot of dancing to cheesey tunes is on the cards.

So we woke this morning (in Christmas Bridget Jones styley PJs I might add), opened up an advent calender and then cracked open a bottle of bubbly to have the obligatory Christmas morning bucks fizz (complete with tacky jellied orange garnishes). Needless to say we were drinking last night too so didn't really need any more alcohol in our systems but we powered through by the help of bacon sandwiches. But not just any Bacon sandwiches. Oh no no. To celebrate our seventies inspired day we had tomatoes and avocado (the popular seventies delicacy of course!) with it. I would highly recommend it. So after A LOT of mulled cider (served in teacups obviously) and a few presents later we set to work cooking up some beautiful food, accompanied by the dulcet tones of the one and only Cliff Richard. Together with Christmas tree roast potatoes, pistachio and cranberry stuffing and ginger and orange cheesecake for dessert it truly was a feast fit for a queen. Quite apt really considering one of my friends is called Queenie. Not forgetting the prawn cocktail starter of course. A seventies classic! Anyway, a couple of bottles of rose were washed down with the greatest of ease and before we knew it we were all laid out on the floor with blankets spending this afternoon watching 'The Wizard of Oz' with contented looks on our faces cradling our full full bellies.

Obviously as we were celebrating Christmas today it made sense to wear my vintage Christmas cardi from Beyond Retro. Its got glitter, its got reindeer's, what more do you need from a Christmas cardi eh?

All in all its been a wondrous faux Christmas. Now if you'll excuse me I'm suitably merry on far too much alcohol (its a wonder I could write this really!) and I'm going to do what most people end up doing on Christmas Day evenings ...I'm going to gorge myself on cheese and fall asleep in front of the telly. How marvellous.

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