18 January, 2011

And we're in triple figures..!

Today is yet another exciting day at 'Shes called Claire' towers. I HAVE HIT TRIPLE FIGURES!! I have been wearing something vintage every day for a whole one hundred days. I have to admit I'm feeling pretty smug with myself right now.

It seemed only right to celebrate today with Laura Grant-Evans' favourite dress. As I'm sure you know, Laura is the stylist who has been dressing me all week and you can find out more about her here. This dress was lent to me on the strict promise that I would not damage it and I can totally see why she's in love with it so much. Its was bought from Church Street in Stoke Newington and is a beautiful fabric with just the right amount of swish. I know the colours are a bit summery but this is a celebration so I can wear whatever I like!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has helped me so far, whether it be all the friends I've roped into taking photos of me or the amazing people that have lent me clothes so far. I REALLY appreciate it. And as for all of you lovely lot who haven't lent me anything yet..I'll be in touch..! Ha!

In other news, an article about me and my vintage challenge was recently featured on Lucy in Disguise's website which is super exciting. Lucy in Disguise is the fabulous vintage store owned by Lily Allen and her Sister so it was a complete honour to be asked. You can read the article here: http://lucyindisguiselondon.com/2011/01/a-new-era-in-style-claire-culley/

So as we're officially in party mode now I need you all to turn this up, put on some sequins and pull some shapes for two of my favourite ladies. Tina and Beyonce....

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