25 January, 2011

Hello Sailor.

In todays post I introduce to you Samuel from Tokyo Telephone. I met up with Samuel last week and quizzed him on his style and his love of Tokyo.

What's the best thing about Tokyo?
I actually went to university in Tokyo and then went on to work for an Ad agency after I graduated. Needless
to say as a backdrop to that I was falling in love with the city and its unique atmosphere and aesthetics.
Above all else the thing that makes Tokyo work is its saturation. You can go to somewhere like Shinjuku
and find the entire concentration of shops and restaurants of the whole of the Laines of Brighton all lined up
on a single street. Then you realize that on top of that all the buildings are 20 stories high with something
interesting on every floor. Then you realize that underneath you there is a whole underground mall, again
crammed with more things than you could ever take in. Then you realize that this is repeated as far as the
eye can see in every direction. It is relentless, saturated and exhausting, but always rewarding.

Who are your favourite designers in Britain and Tokyo?
In terms of British designers I love Gareth Pugh's futuristic re-imaginings of the body. His show from Pitti this
year was heart-stoppingly beautiful and I can't wait to see it marched down a runway in March. Also his ex-
assistant Gemma Slack is definitely worth keeping an eye on.
Aside from that I am really into KTZ and Katie Eary who bring flashes of colour into what would otherwise be a very monotone wardrobe.
As for Tokyo there are really too many to mention. Julius' Tatsuro Horikawa (http://tokyotelephone.com/tag/julius/ ) is perhaps the one person that I find representative of all that I love in Japanese fashion.

What do you predict will be this seasons hot new trend?
I think we are going to see yet more draping in men's fashion. It is about time it gets to be truly mainstream,
as for high fashion those drapes are going to get longer and further down the body. I very much approve.

Describe your style in 3 words.
Distressed, structured and dark.

What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe?
A Gaboratory bracelet made by Nagi Gabor before he passed away. I never take it off and never plan to. I
would not be dressed without it.

What fashion item couldn't you live without?
Probably my Chrome Hearts glasses. Mainly because I can't see a damn thing without them.

What has been your favourite fashion find?
A Makin Jan Ma (http://tokyotelephone.com/tag/makin-jan-ma/ ) current season riders jacket that I found in
a vintage clothes shop - ironically it was brand new with tags and for a comical price. I was almost shaking
when I was leaving the shop with it, I just thought they were about to realize their mistake and chase after

Do you have any style icons?
I admire the structure and form of Klaus Nomi, but I can never escape from the wild excess of Nikki Sixx. I
definitely fluctuate between wanting to wear nothing but elegant monk-like drapes and the next day I want to
be covered in studs and leather like I am in Dimmu Borgir.

Todays frock is a lovely second hand number from Rebecca at Tokyo Telephone (tune in tomorrow to see my interview with the lady herself!). I think you'll agree with me when I say 'Ahoy there!' Its just awesome. Its nautical, its monochrome, its stripey, its everything I need and want from a dress. The shape is uber flattering too. The extra collar is super quirky and I've teamed it with what in my opinion every nautical look needs - red lips and leopard print. Oh yeaaaah.

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