26 January, 2011

Teapots and frocks.

This is Rebecca from Tokyo Telephone. I have been wearing Rebecca's clothes all week and there plenty more stunners to come...

Whats the best thing about Tokyo? How long did you live there for etc...
By far the best thing about Tokyo is that there is always something new to discover. A shop, a trend, a piece
of history.
After my A levels, I decided to pack up and run away to Japan: I ended up working in a small town outside
Osaka in western Japan, and had a fantastic time. Although I'd been to Tokyo before, it wasn't until Samuel
and I started dividing our time fully between Tokyo and England that I really got to experience Tokyo living
(Samuel is of course the best guide I could hope for!). Even though I love Tokyo, Osaka will always have a
special place in my heart. I don't think we'll ever run out of things to talk about on Tokyo Telephone!

Who are your favourite designers in Britain and Tokyo?
I think Vivienne Westwood is fantastic; she manages to grow and build on her somewhat irrevent takes on
traditional British design with every season. Oh, what I wouldn't do for a Westwood suit... In terms of more
contemporary design, Samuel and I are both huge fans of Gareth Pugh - there's a sculptural feel to many of
his items, and you can't go wrong with a black pallete!
One of my favourite Tokyo designers right now has to be Christian Dada (http://tokyotelephone.com/tag/
christian-dada/)- he's produced some amazing luxury neo-punk items this year, including some amazing
shoes. A slightly more mainstream brand that I've fallen for is Murua(http://tokyotelephone.com/tag/murua/):
their latest collection grabbed me with the use of sheer fabrics, tassels, huge shoulders and classic black &
white colour combination.

What do you predict will be this seasons hot new trend?
White and bright colour blocking are two huge global trends this season, and marine & floral trends come
around every year, so much so that's it's practically a law of nature. Japan too has embraced the lighter and
brighter colour palette, and is moving towards a more mature version of floral prints - larger scale prints,
longer skirts and sheer fabrics.

Describe your style in 3 words.
(tough one!) Almost always changing.

What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe?
Samuel and I are currently working on a vintage leather biker jacket that I'll be wearing to Japan
Fashion Week in March. I love being able to work on projects together for our new site, NOMI (http://

What fashion item couldn't you live without?
A black leather jacket. Oh, and ankle boots and lipstick!

What has been your favourite fashion find?
Less a specific find, and more a shop: I'm so glad I stumbled across Candy (http://tokyotelephone.com/tag/candy/) in Shibuya! It's a select boutique that features some of my favourite brands, as well as some
amazing vintage pieces. I must admit I'm I go a bit giddy whenever I go in!

Do you have any style icons?
I respect people who aren't afraid to be themselves. Our project site NOMI is named after Klaus Nomi, a
German electro musician who became part of the art/pop scene in New York in the late 1970s. He dressed
sort of like a robot clown from space, but very sadly died in 1983. I think he was wonderful, and very

Todays dress is a vintage number literally covered in teapots and teacups. Pretty much the best print imaginable for me I would say. The amount of tea I drink is borderline dangerous, so much so I'm thinking about braving the world of decaf. I also have a stupid amount of tea cups and tea sets in my possession and am always on the hunt for more. So its pretty amazing for me to sashay around all day sporting this cute print. Some might say its too much. I say, heck no. Now, best put the kettle on..I'm feeling thirsty..

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