27 January, 2011

Mama knows best.

Today I am very proudly wearing a blouse from C&A's. You remember C&A's? It was the shop that your Mum insisted on dragging you round and round and round on a Saturday afternoon when all you wanted to do was go to Woolies and buy some sweets. I dread to think of the amount of hours I had to spend in that shop. Total it up with M&S and BHS and I reckon I've lost a hefty part of my childhood right there. I vividly remember sitting on the floor in the purple changing rooms while my Ma tried on outfit after outfit and each time she'd come out to show off her potential purchase I'd say "Ergh Mum don't buy that, lets go get you something cool". Well today, I eat my words. I am wearing a stunning C&A blouse courtesy of Tokyo Telephone. I have to admit that all this happened a long time ago, Ma is actually very stylish nowadays. I blame the ninetys entirely. BUT thats what I love about vintage, everything keeps coming around and we style it up to look current and 'on trend'. Now if only Mum had kept hold of her C&A purchases, I could have been walking around now looking freakin' awesome.


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