30 January, 2011

I heart Disney.

We all knew it was going to happen. I'm spending the day nursing a beast of a hangover and what makes it ten times worse? I'm stuck working as well. Luckily though I can work from home today and I already have a plan of action. I'm going to eat bacon sandwiches, drink lots of tea and put on a Disney film. There's something about Disney films. I openly admit that I love them but a lot of people are in denial. They say they hate them but put on the Jungle Book and you'll catch them sneakily swaying along to the songs when they think your not looking. But as I said, I'm a proud Disney fan, so proud in fact I'm actually wearing a Disney t-shirt. No I'm not one of those crazy fans who collects Disney memorabilia and goes to Disneyland every year, its that just as luck would have it, Rebecca from Tokyo Telephone has lent me an old 80s Disney t-shirt so it seemed like the perfect time to share it with you. Plus if I'm honest I'm still bloated from all the wine, and tequila, AND vodka I had last night. Oh and the sneaky burger I wolfed down on the way home too. Its definitely days like this that baggy t-shirts become your saviours. Amen to that.


Now I just need to decide what to watch. Oh its tricky. The Lion King so I can whale away to Elton? The Aristocats where I can giggle over cute posh cats? Or Robin Hood? The Disney character I secretly had a crush on when I was growing up. It was totally normal to fancy a cartoon character right? Oh God. Perhaps I should just go back to bed..!

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