31 January, 2011

Another day in Paradise.

Todays post is predominantly about Phil Collins. Bet you weren't expecting that you you saw the word paradise were you? Ha!
I am officially coming out of the closet as a Phil Collins lover. (Not literally though..that would be weird). Don't get me wrong I love all kinds of music but recently I have been listening to his 'hits' album A LOT. Probably too much really. For some reason it manages to get me through a busy afternoon. It must be something to do with the catchy tunes and the memory of singing like a banshee to them in the car with my Ma that means that to this day I still love it. We now listen to Phil in the studio sometimes, we do a bit of air drumming and everyone happy.

That said, what is slightly worrying is that my lovely friend Jackie who takes my photos sometimes actually said to me today 'Ooh its a little bit Phil Collins but I like it' when I asked her if she liked my outfit. I nearly died with laughter. Am I listening to so much Phil that I'm now channeling his style? I seriously hope not.

A couple of todays pieces come from an awesome little vintage store called The Cherry Closet. Tomorrow I will be doing a little feature on them so be sure to check back in then but in the meantime here's a taster of whats to come...the tan suede cropped blazer and circular sunnies come from there so what are you waiting for? Go check out the site immediately!

I know that in no way admitting this today makes me 'cool' but frankly I don't give a damn. I defy anyone to not love this song...It's my all time favourite Phil Collins song. Check it out. Phil has got the mooooves. Oh yeaah....

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