05 January, 2011

Lady in Red.

Ladies, it might actually be time to start listening to your Mum when she tells you that Chris de Burgh is worth listening too. I can't believe those words have actually come out of my mouth but it'll all make sense when you see where I'm going with this. I'll give that floppy haired crooner one thing, he certainly knew what he was talking about when he wrote the song lady in red. (That's right, thats where I was going!) There is definitely something to be said for a lady who goes all out in a red frock. Think Jessica Rabbit (classic) and that infamous red dress Julia Roberts wore in pretty woman. You instantly stand out from the crowd and you ooze elegance without even having to try. Take this dress worn by Angelina for example...

With this dress alone she got named in Vogue.com's best dressed list for 2010 amongst Alexa, VB, and Keira to name a few. Now unfortunately my wardrobe is lacking such a stunning ball gown but I do have a rather fetching frock with surprise surprise, yet another peter pan collar (Its just a mini one this time so technically it doesn't reaaaally count). This was another eBay find, all the way from the US in fact. It might not exude elegance per say but the buttons are little pearls so that's gotta count for something.

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