04 January, 2011

Favourite frocks.

Sometimes and some days you just need to wear your favourite frock. Take today for example, I'm at my studio just doing a bit of life admin, running errands and checking the dreaded pre-Christmas bank balance. I needed a BIG cup of tea after that shock I can tell you. BUT it's all made about ten times better because I'm in one of my favourite frocks. This particular frock is an eBay find and technically its a little bit too short but that's nothing that some hot pants and a long coat won't fix. And besides, who cares! In the words of Lesley Gore who famously sang 'It's my party and I'll cry if I want to'...'It's my fave and I'll wear it if I want to'.

I would imagine that a lot of you are back to work today after all the Christmas festivities, so tell me..did you wear your favourite frock today just to get you through the day? Or do you have a fail-safe outfit that never fails to make you feel better? Tell me all about it!

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