16 January, 2011

Disco Christmas.

Have you ever had Christmas celebrations in January? Well today I did. Either I'm really early or really bloody late but me and my friends decided as we didn't get a chance to have Christmas together this year due to us all gallivanting all over the country we decided to do it in January as that was the soonest we could all get together. What started off as being called 'Faux Christmas' quickly turned into being called 'Seventies Christmas' when we decided that we would go 70's foodtastic with prawn cocktail starters and duck for main course. So obviously it wasn't long before the name got aptly changed to 'Disco Christmas'. Partly because if you're having a 70s themed day then it would be inevitable that a disco would be involved at some point but mainly because when all of us in the same room you can pretty much guarantee that a lot of dancing to cheesey tunes is on the cards.

So we woke this morning (in Christmas Bridget Jones styley PJs I might add), opened up an advent calender and then cracked open a bottle of bubbly to have the obligatory Christmas morning bucks fizz (complete with tacky jellied orange garnishes). Needless to say we were drinking last night too so didn't really need any more alcohol in our systems but we powered through by the help of bacon sandwiches. But not just any Bacon sandwiches. Oh no no. To celebrate our seventies inspired day we had tomatoes and avocado (the popular seventies delicacy of course!) with it. I would highly recommend it. So after A LOT of mulled cider (served in teacups obviously) and a few presents later we set to work cooking up some beautiful food, accompanied by the dulcet tones of the one and only Cliff Richard. Together with Christmas tree roast potatoes, pistachio and cranberry stuffing and ginger and orange cheesecake for dessert it truly was a feast fit for a queen. Quite apt really considering one of my friends is called Queenie. Not forgetting the prawn cocktail starter of course. A seventies classic! Anyway, a couple of bottles of rose were washed down with the greatest of ease and before we knew it we were all laid out on the floor with blankets spending this afternoon watching 'The Wizard of Oz' with contented looks on our faces cradling our full full bellies.

Obviously as we were celebrating Christmas today it made sense to wear my vintage Christmas cardi from Beyond Retro. Its got glitter, its got reindeer's, what more do you need from a Christmas cardi eh?

All in all its been a wondrous faux Christmas. Now if you'll excuse me I'm suitably merry on far too much alcohol (its a wonder I could write this really!) and I'm going to do what most people end up doing on Christmas Day evenings ...I'm going to gorge myself on cheese and fall asleep in front of the telly. How marvellous.

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