15 January, 2011

Jackie O.

Todays vintage piece is this marvelous jacket. As soon as I clocked my eyes on it I knew I was going to have to do a 'Jackie O' spin on it. Even more so when I found out from Laura that this jacket used to belong to an ex-wife of a US congressman in the 1960s. I could just imagine this jacket being worn at benefits or campaign trials. I love that. I don't know if you remember but I wore a dress before Christmas that a woman had worn in the 1970s on the first date to the man who became her husband and this jacket feels just as special. I love the fact that this jacket has history and has had a life before I've worn it. You don't get that with Primark that's for sure. (Sorry Primark, you know I love you really but it's true it has to be said). This jacket just sits perfectly. It even has coins sewn into the lining just to make sure it hangs straight. How amazing is that?!

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