14 January, 2011

Love for New Look.

Today's outfit is solely put together to give everyone reading this a little bit of joy. All week the weather has been miserable and we've all been walking around a little bit sad about the fact that once again we have left the house looking pretty damn good only to find out that by the time you've got to work/the pub/your friends house you look like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards or in my case, just pretty damn rough. (Yesterdays photo was proof of that. Ha!) So today I am taking a stand against it. The sun was out (briefly) so I decided dammit I will wear something fun and colourful and boy does this dress tick all those boxes and many more besides. (Don't worry though I am wearing clear tights, I'm not THAT silly). This frock is another of stylist Laura Grant-Evans' and was bought from a vintage market in South Korea. It reminds me a bit of a Harajuku girl dress so I've teamed it with super cute accessories and knee high socks.

Luckily for me, some jewellery that Love for New Look have sent me is just perfect for this type of look. I am in love with this pin-up girl brooch and it goes perfectly with the blue stripe dress. This brooch and necklace shown below are due to be out in the shops in a few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for them. They are the perfect way to add a  fun quirky twist to your outfits. Plus lets face it, anything with a pin-up girl clad on it is just awesome anyway.

Another trend set to make it big this season is fruits. Whether it's a fruit pattern or just fruit accessories be sure to start purchasing soon as they'll be big by the time Spring comes round. I've worn a super cute apple ring from Love for New Look (out in selected shops nationwide now!) and a Strawberry bag from ASOS.

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